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Friday, April 29, 2005

It has been a busy week.

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HAARP has been strong all over the world..orgone doesn't work against HAARP as effective as it does Chemtrails. There are 19 HAARP towers placed strategically around the world, I think 3 of them are here in the States.

Those towers need to come down, those towers need to be rendered useless. Prayer Warriors, time to stand up against these tower strongholds. That's the only answer I have right now. You will know what to do. Seek Yahweh. You're our first line of defense. I know you can hear.

Everyone is under assault, countries all over the world. Stand guard folks and seek the Lord on what you need to do to keep yourself safe from attacks, or to stop them. Read my article on the Hooks and Roots of Sin and how Aliens have access to abduct believers. It's not just abductions, but being targeted as well by military black op tech weapons. And yes, there may be reasons that it's allowed, but we also must stand up against it in the Name of Yahushua and rebuke and stop them. That means taking action folks, get off your couches and take action and go into spiritual warfare against the enemy.

That Shelly Shriner mimmick site just reaks of an intel/Omegan operation. I have done what I can about it for now, I've sent letters to Paypal, Stormpay and Yahoo. Stormpay suspended her account for review, the others I have not heard from. I've been extremely distracted this week, at the same time have gotten alot of things done, yet not everything I needed to.

The war is on. I'm battling on all fronts right now, seen and unseen, what I say and reveal and what I don't. Just pray for the strength I need to overcome this all out assault on all fronts. I'm holding ground right now and fighting back and defeating them as I can. I can't say to much right now. Stand guard for yourselves folks.

It's not a time to go to sleep.

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