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Saturday, April 16, 2005

A Word from Yahweh He just gave me:

Repent from idolatry...

People call Me by My Name, yet they idolize things not of Me, they worship things or people not of me, they follow and receive from others, things that are not of Me.

They place idols in front of Me, they seek to fulfill their feelings of how they want things to be, or what they expect them to be, without asking Me how things are, or what they are going to be.

They don't ask Me. They seek man, they receive from man the things that are of man, and not the things that are of Me and that is why I constantly draw them to Me, to come to Me. Many heed My calling, others refuse to hear Me and I will allow them to be tested, to see if their hearts are even of Me.

Repent! Your destruction is coming!

Turn back to me and do away with the idols of your churches and your homes and come back to Me!

A great judgment is coming on this Nation. A wake up call for those who call Me by My Name, a great judgment on those who don't. I will not defeat your enemies, I will use them to judge this wicked and perverse nation and those who have turned their backs on me. I will use them for My purposes. They will know that I am the Lord God, and beside Me there is no other.

Their plans have constantly failed. I have kept them in derision. It is I who allows or not allows their plans to go forward. It is I who controls them. I answer to no one. They answer to Me. I use them for My purposes. They have no power of their own, only what I allow them to have.

Warn My people to repent of their sins against Me and follow My ways or I will continue with My plans to utterly destroy this country for their idolatries and perversions.

Warn them!


My child the time is coming when man will lift up sword against brother, nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom.

Many don't understand the times. My people are those who call Me by My Name. The Israel of the past, called Me by My Name, the Israel of today, calls Me by My Name.

America is Israel. They are My people. They are those I blessed above all Nations and yet allowed for the tares to suffocate the wheat. And now this nation is under judgment from Me.
Your leaders think they can mock Me. That they can defile My Name. They will deceive many with their mockery, but My Strong ones will stand against them and be a witness to the world of Me.

Many of My people will not follow them and many will die as martyrs. Stand in Me unto death and ye will be awarded a crown of life. Fear not, what man can do to the body, but of ME who can cast a soul into hell.

I love you child. Lead them back to Me.

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