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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Is the corruption over?

If indictments are handed down against Bush and Cheney does the madness stop?


It's just beginning.

To think I was getting tired of having to spend so much time warning about the Aliens and NESARA and the Beast's Agenda. I've heard every name a person can be called. I've read every insult you can possibly type. And here it comes, exactly as I've forewarned.

That should give you a start on what's happening and why. The Omegans are going to take over as they get ready for Phase 2 of 3 of what I describe as a 3 step process of the last days and tribulation period.

Naturally the fiascos in Washington could be dredged out over the next year, or they could happen abruptly. If you've been reading my writings over the past several years then you're well prepared well above everyone else on the things to come. If not, start catching up with this blogger's archives and my articles at

When Bush & Cheney are ousted, an interim gov will take their place until "real elections" can be held..

Real elections will never be held...Satan's people will step in and take over.

An amusing thought, since they stole the election from Al Gore to begin with, will they give it back to him?


Neutron Particle Beam Weapons.

Don't think they exist? Think again.

The Neutron Bomb is the preferred weapon of choice. It can disintegrate a human in a matter of seconds and leave infrastructure intact.

Will they ever be used? Zechariah and the other prophets say so. Most people think it will only be used on the armies who gather to fight against the Second Coming of Christ and the Battle of Armageddon. But the reality is, there's big plans for them.

I've always said it is the Russians who dominate and have superiority in space. People laugh because they buy the conditioning our media portrays of Russia. You won't be laughing when you see the skin melting off your skin.

They can change their plans and the cards they're playing to try and make the Lord's Prophets and Watchmen look like fools but I'm way ahead of them. I know how they play, so who is ahead of whom? They can change events as much as they want to, but the overall plan(s) remain the same and I know what those are.

Amusing, Cutting Edge came out with an article about the Antichrist, Aliens and UFOs. How many will fall in their tracks now and start to believe it when I've been talking about it for years already? Does it have some kind of credibility now because someone else is starting to talk about it?

The same ones who have been calling me a nutcase for years are now starting to write about the same things I've been saying for years.

Well the good thing is, when they (the remnant) finally begin to "get it" and wake job is over.


I get so sick of hearing about how Islam is a peaceful religion from the Moslems themselves, naturally. I would believe it and castigate our government as pushing false propaganda that they are violent and hate mongerers and bashing innocent people if I didn't see so much of it myself. Granted, I've come in little contact with Moslems, but those who I have, are full of hate.

I've never seen anything else from them. Every email I've ever received from them has been full of hate and violence. Is there any doubt that when a religion resorts to this level it is of Satan and not the Lord?

I hate religion. It's always man's excuse to behave the way they do, or want to. Want to commit murder? War? Rape? Rob? Pillage? Plunder? Create a religion such as Islam or Bushism and say it's of God that you do such things. Isn't that what's always been done in His Name?


Is the ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia? No.

That's another game for the public to buy into. Don't buy it.

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