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Monday, October 31, 2005

I took the weekend off. Imagine that.

Ramon Watkins, playing the role of a UFO caller recently caused a stir by claiming only black people were allowed to attend his UFO callings. Only black people are allowed to be part of his 'group.' And so some white people were throwing a fit. They should be thanking him. They don't get it, that his job is to build a "black bride." Not a interracial one, a black bride. The aliens want a black bride to store in their meat lockers for now, and so that's his collect them for harvesting.

Still waiting to see if he manages somehow to get his bride overseas to Ethiopia. You gotta wonder why they're even playing the black card. I guess because they can.

The agencies are really trumping up the race cards lately aren't they? They want that civil war between blacks and whites. It's been on the drawing boards for years.

And while the country goes to sleep with "we might arrest bush" entertainment, he's securing 150,000 NATO troops to come here (November-January) and patrol quarantined areas and enforce vaccinations, if they can pull that card off.

The whole indictment sham sounds like a huge distraction to me.

As Roosevelt said, nothing happens in politics that hasn't been planned.

Everything that happens is just playing off a script. None of this has been unexpected, or is a surprise, to the players involved. Just another day at the office playing a script. But their hoping the drama keeps the masses amused so they're not paying attention to what's really happening behind the scenes.

Some think we're going to war in Iran in December. I think more along the lines, they'll be firing missiles here instead.

An interesting twist coming out of the Alien Agenda...remember they're the ones who are always framing the issues. In other words when it comes to much of anything, especially politics, present two sides and control both of them. Or how about two Antichrists?

Let's say Maitreya comes as the "Great World Teacher" Ascended Master poobah and people don't like him because he quickly shows himself as the intolerant psychopath he is who likes to kill people..(bad cop, bad Messiah) so then they present "the loving Messiah" as in Sananda, who comes in playing good cop, good teacher, good Messiah, and they tout Maitreya as the false one (but you can still believe him and follow him) and then bring in Sananda as the real one..follow other words they present 2 choices, one they know most will reject but the other half will like, and vice versa. As long as they can get you to accept one of them, the controllers behind the scenes win the game. They'll get your soul.

They could, will, perhaps, use two "Messiah's" to work against each other and divide public opinion and the world..with the masses of the world dumb enough to think even one of them is actually legitimate. And there's no 3rd you either accept Maitreya or Sananda as God.

Well who says there's no third option? Them? Who cares what they say?

There's always the third option....the TRUTH..and naturally they don't want you to see that for yourself, or figure it out. And those who do, will become the targets of martyrdom and persecution.

The Arabs will like Maitreya and the church crowd will like Jesus-Sananda. And so those two will be left to fight it out in a game to get the whole world embroiled in their mass deceptions.

Meanwhile the smart people, those who really love the Lord, will be preparing for the coming holocaust against them that's on its way.

Is this going to come down anytime soon? I think we have till next year, or 2007. I don't know when Maitreya will make his entrance, but Sananda will most likely be in a September.

Seems like Maitreya comes and goes. He shows up in obscure places every once in a while to try and drum up support and media attention for his arrival, but then when he doesn't get much more than a blurb he goes away.

Maybe that's the trick to all the madness, ignore them all.

They want us as a civilization to invite them here. I say we just keep ignoring them. No limelight, no tv interviews, no tv cameras, just silence.

Silence from the masses. Outright rejection of any and all of the freaks planning on coming here.

Now there's a real plan.

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