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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Lord won't lead you where He doesn't light the way.

So many are afraid to fully commit their lives to Him because they're afraid of what He'll do. I remember as a child thinking if I committed to Him He'd have me witnessing His Name to naked people somewhere. It scared me silly. I didn't want to be a missionary then..the thoughts that would go through my mind at the time kept me from committing to Him 100% for a long time.

But He doesn't work that way. He's not going to lead you into doing something you will hate, or you're not ready for. He knows each one of us, and He knows what we like, or don't like, or want, or don't want. He's not going to ask you to do something you can't do or won't want to do. He always has the perfect answer, or perfect job.

Get over the fear. Allow Him to lead. You're the bride..allow the groom to lead. That's one small step yet one huge leap of faith in building a relationship with Him when you start to commit yourself to Him.

You will find all that time you spent in fear was a complete waste of time and you will feel stupid for having wasted so much time. Learn to trust in Him.


I get emails from people wanting to know what they can do to help. I can always use help getting the word out on what's coming. Post my website urls or articles around the internet, print my articles off and hand them to people to read, download radio show archives onto CD's and pass them around. You can even download my articles onto a CD and pass those around..the zip file to download is

If you speak a second language consider transcribing my articles in your language so I can post them on my sites for others who can't read English very well.

Realize you're not doing these things for me, it's your own ministry for the Lord. It's what you are doing for HIM. He will reward you in heaven for your service to Him on earth. There's not to much time left on earth where you can build rewards in heaven for eternity. Do as you feel led by Him.

My websites are visited globally every day. Imagine if you translated my articles in Spanish, French, German or Africaneese, or whatever language and people found the Lord or were helped because they could read and understand what was being said because it was in their own language. It's your ministry for Him, or it could be. You would be rewarded for that.

Sometimes it's the simple things that can mean the most and have the largest impact. The things that seem simple to us can be huge for someone else.

Think outside the box.

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