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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I put up a new page at with some audios and information on Hell.

It's amazing how many churches are just going to sleep on the most prominant aspect of the Lord's message and Gospel. It's not about prosperity that certainly will never exist for most of His people in this realm. He said lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, not on earth. So why would He contradict Himself and flood His people with materialistic possessions here? He doesn't. He gives us what we need here, not necessarily everything and anything we want. He never promised us wealth and materialism and yet that's what our false shepherds want you to think so you'll keep giving them your wealth so they can build their materialism while they make you think you're just doing something wrong as to why you don't have it yourself. It's hogwash. The only reason they have massive wealth is because they take your tithes and offerings and instead of feeding the poor and filling the storehouses for His people they keep it for themselves.

And it's not about feeling good and self-help psychology when He said His message would bring a sword! It's about Heaven or Hell and accepting or rejecting Him as your Messiah and the Lord of your life. It's about keeping His Commandments and laws and His appointed times (feasts). That is His message. That is His Word.

Yahushua was the biggest fire and brimstone preacher there was. Yet today they want us to believe that a God of Love would never punish or condemn anyone to an eternal existence of torment and suffering. Really? Says who? Certainly not Yahushua Himself! Snap out of it, you're going to sleep and being lied to.

Watch out for the heresies being taught in the churches today. They'll tell you their teachings are in the Bible and even start quoting Scripture to try and sound credible. But they manipulate the Scriptures and they twist them to fit their messages. The Bible says "study to show thyself approved unto God." That means read it and study it for yourself and not to take someone elses word on what it says. And that certainly means not just believing what your Pastor preaches on face value..go home and study what he's saying for yourself and read the Bible yourself to know if what he is saying is true and not being taken out of context.

And the New Agers and pagans love jumping on the bandwagon of having a God that holds no one accountable for their actions.

The New Agers are sold into the lies of Aliens masquerading as Ascended Masters that they are coming to build the Kingdom of God on earth all will be peace and bliss when they are here. Not so. When they arrive they will effectively kill 2/3 of the population on earth in what they call "cleansing." They claim no one will die, but they are lying and you can catch them in their lies if you pay attention to their writings.

The pagans are more interested in worshipping the creation rather than the Creator. God is everywhere and in everything. This is true, but He's also a personal being, not an abstract, indirect substance that just "is" everything. They confuse His Holy Spirit that is everywhere and in everything and ignore the fact that this Spirit is HIS, and He is a being, a very personal God.

And now we have the Purpose Driven Church theology that is Purposely trying to take you to hell. The heresies they teach are nothing other than Satan's Gospel message of today focused on negating everything the True Gospel of the Lord says while they implement a Luciferian dominance in the churches today. This new Purpose Driven Church is led by beast prophets who claim they are believers of the Most High God but have taken vows to Lucifer and are themselves leading Jesuits, Knights of Malta's and from other secret societies where they serve Lucifer and lead our churches into destruction deceiving those who listen to them.

How many people today realize that their pastors or leaders they listen to have taken vows to Lucifer as Masons, Jesuits, and Knights of Malta? Rick Joyner (Knight of Malta), Robert Schuller (Jesuit), Kenneth Copeland (Mason), Bob Jones (Mason), Benny Hinn (Jesuit), Pat Robertson (Jesuit), Billy Graham (Mason), and the list goes on..if you want to be big on TV or make the big money in religion you have to be one of Lucifer's. That's just how a majority of them are today.

They don't want you to acknowledge sin and hell they want you to forget about accountability and judgment and lull you to sleep with love, peace, and self-help.

It's important to keep balanced in all things and not ignore and negate things just because they don't make you feel good. To pray for the truth in all things and be led by Yahushua Himself and not man.

The road is narrow and there are few who find it.

Ten Percent, 10%, of those who claim they are believers in the Most High God and on their way to heaven actually are. He has told me that Himself.


Now there's a wake up call!

This means He is not claiming the majority of believers today as His own. They are not His sheep! Why? Because they are following a different Jesus and a different Gospel!

Are you in the 10 percent? Pray and seek HIM and ask Him to reveal to you if you are! Many will be surprised to find the name they think is in His Book of Life in big bold letters isn't there at all! They love their errors, false prophecies, false visions, and false security of what they think they know but don't!

Many shepherds today are worshipping after Baal. And many sheep today are following Satan to the slaughter in the guise of religion!

Ten percent folks, ten percent!

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