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Monday, November 07, 2005

Tonight Reverse Speech Specialist Peggy Kane will be on the show at 8pm EST, 7pm Central, 5 pm Pacific or

I'm really looking forward to this, it's going to be a great show and Peggy has all kinds of clips to play as she reveals what our governmental leaders are really saying about Katrina, the recent rash of hurricanes, the coming Avian Flu epidemic and much more in their Reversed Speech.

Don't miss the show!


Is the Avian Flu a hoax? No, and Tamiflu vaccinations won't help you either, they're just designed to kill you.

While their plan to depopulate the earth of millions of people comes into play we can fight against it. Orgone will combat the Avian Flu..and I have heard 1000mg of Vitamin C will as well. So we're not defenseless folks!

They will spread the Avian virus via chemtrails, so you don't have to look very far to see how they'll spread it.

Chemtrails can't penetrate orgone! We just gotta get enough of it out there to combat them!

Learn how to make it at don't make imitations! A lot of groups/people add or subtract to the ingredients of pure orgone nullifying the affects! Follow these instructions as given to us by the Lord and stay with HIS Way in all things.


They're revealing themselves for what they are.

The NWO IS the Alien Agenda folks. It is the first stage of their plan to conquer and control the world. Those who are promoting the NWO are the kids of the aliens pushing it! It is the aliens who need a massive depopulation of Earth to population numbers they can control! They are just using their alien-blood-hybrid-kids..those implementing the NWO to do their work for them!!

Their leader, the Antichrist, is scheduled to arrive in September, 2006. Not much time folks! I'm not 100% sure on the year, but I am the MONTH and it will be a SEPTEMBER.

So why do I think 2006 will be the year? Because the age of Pisces ends Sept. 22, 2006 and the Aquarian (Alien) Age begins! What is the Alien Age? When Lucifer arrives with his armies of aliens (posing as angelic beings no doubt) and begins his reign on the earth.

March and September will be dominant months in 2006. Will the False Prophet arrive on 6-6-06? Some think it's a possibility. I won't discount it. Apparently older versions of the Bible said his number was 616, to where now it is 666. I keep my eye on both. I'm not real hung up on numbers..we'll know who he is..he comes acting like he's a messiah!

The Avian outbreak will be dominant in March. That is why Bush & company plan on leaving the planet! And not even just them, the aliens leave with them for a while as they expect a majority on earth to die of the flu outbreak!

Let's let the laugh be on them! Get orgone made and out there in numbers! Load your yards, neighbords, towns, and cities with it!

Pendents will also help you and and those you can order off the website.

I'm not making orgone for sale right now but I might start just so we can get out there and kick their stupid alien butts!

We're not going to die we're going to fight!!

It's time to get busy folks!

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