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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My aren't the Chinese coming up dominantly for December. And why would that be?

Are they behind bombing attacks allegedly coming here in the USA? Or are they behind the space particle-beam tech that is now being used against American citizens?

If you think about it, they are the most advanced and overlooked race on earth. They're very high tech, much moreso then they let on, and much moreso than the USA is probably aware. After all, our intelligence agencies seem to be a bit lacking and clueless when it comes to international affairs. They're more focused on spying on American citizens and building files on housewives and Patriots then doing anything of real significance.

They're about the dumbest agency I've ever seen. They certainly can't hold a candle to the Mossad, m15, m16, or KGB who seem to be the ones supplying the CIA with any information they ever seem to have or get. No wonder Kennedy wanted to get rid of them. And that was 40 years ago.

How do you justify spending billions of dollars on an agency that has nothing to show for anything they do but a trail of dead Scientists and Patriots? While other countries focus on information gathering ours focuses on murdering citizens, drug running, arms trading, child prostitution rings and being nothing more than an extension of the Maffia.

What was their charter description again?

I guess we can't blame or yell at the Lizard House about the CIA since they are controlled and run by the Vatican, Satan's seat on Earth.

Everyone's gotta have a place to plant their ass right? Consider the Vatican as Satan's place to rest his brains.

When they start coming against God's people their house of cards is going to crumble and if I'm here to see it you can bet I'll be laughing. They will have no peace.

They've spent eons of years planning for these days and yet it's all going into derision, and will be even moreso.

Bunch of Satan freaks. How much dumber can you get than to actually be listening to him thinking he's really going to pull off his plans, give you everything he promised you, and actually do what he says when push comes to shove? The only reason the aliens go along with him is because they have nothing else to do, they're already doomed and going along for the ride to see how many gullible humans souls they can collect in the process.

Wake up New Agers. Wake up pagans. Wake up Luciferians. Wake up, Wake up, Wake up. His reign will be a short one, not long enough to do anything but destroy the earth and kill a lot of people. He'll never get his paradise here, his Garden of Eden, his 5th dimension, it will fail, it will fall short of the plans on the drawing board because he will be stopped and destroyed and all those who followed him and worked along with him will be destroyed as well. Every one of them.

Get out now while you can and find true peace in the Lord while you still can. He won't always be reaching out for you to accept Him and make Him Lord of your life. The time will come when He will shut you off and mark you for destruction and death. Think About It.

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