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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Getting alot of questions about 2006.

Is 2006 the year for the Antichrist to rise? Alot seem to think so.

Then again, some don't think it will really hit the fan till 2007. I really don't care which year. At this point it's knowing the water is on high and it's getting hotter and hotter and debating on exactly which minute it will boil.

September 2006 is the end of one age and the beginning of another. We end the church (Pisces) age and being the Aquarian (Alien) age.

2006 seems to be another year for judgment. If it waits till 2007 then it's more along the timelines of a major world war in 2009/2010 involving the destruction of America and a worldwide disaster that seems to be a prelude to Armageddon.

The veil that separates us from the spiritual realm, the 4th dimension, will be broken at some point and it will be complete chaos here on earth. Many people are already experiencing and seeing things from the other dimension starting to become more visible in this one.

We have power in the name of Yahushua over all that realm folks. Just rebuke them in His Name and command them to leave if they are around you. Ask Him to send His angels to war against them and cast them into the abyss.

Many are asking if we should still be stocking up..yes..stock up on food, water and basic essentials. The time will come when you can no longer buy things for everyday use let alone to put in storage.

As Planet X moves in more and more catastrophies will be caused on Earth and more from the other realm will start to appear here until it completely dominates the earth.

I don't see Bush completing his second term but to determine if it will end in 2006 or 2007 is anyone's guess at this point. We just have to watch events as they happen. A lot of things get delayed that keep both sides in derision, the NWO and the believers who are watching.

All we can do is watch and keep an eye on things. In the meantime prepare for what we know is coming ahead.

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