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Monday, November 21, 2005

Well, I've mired into oblivion the past week and now I'm way behind on emails.

It's been quiet so it's been amusing. Rumsfeld in Australia visiting Pine Gap, perhaps preparing it for their hideaway should more indictments be handed down, Bush gallavanting around China and Lord knows where Cheney's hiding.

It's almost been ridiculous since mid summer where the Criminal House has been practically vacant. It seems they spend as little time there as possible. Perhaps the aliens are telling the truth and they really do have a torture chamber in the basement. It must be scaring Bush & company silly to the point they don't want to be anywhere near the White House. Serves Cheney right. Those in the capital refer to his office as the torture chamber, now he's getting some of his own medicine back. I've heard he's been a guest of their chamber several times.

They have everything tied up in such circles their own kids who are supposed to be running the New World Order can't figure it out. They tell them one thing, then they do another. They play the good guys and the bad guys. They order plans to be implemented then sabotage the plans. They rule out of utter confusion because they create it to begin with. It's all an illusion.

You can't play the political or military game to see what's happening. Those who play it are blinded by it. You just sit back and watch and let the Lord reveal it to you.

And they still control religion. They are going to claim they created the cross, the myth of Jesus, and Christianity for their own purposes.

They are going to expose religions for the control and destruction they've been used for against humanity. Which they have been, but there's always been the narrow way, just few who have found it.

The show tonight will be listener call in. See you there.

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