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Thursday, November 10, 2005

I've been looking at this Particle Rifle term(s) in the codes to see what I could find, or what exactly I was hit with two months ago but what I'm finding is that this particular term isn't really going to help me discover that.

This 'Particle Rifle' looks like the same Particle Beam technology that is a space-based weapon. The same type used by the Russians to blast both the Columbia and Challenger out of the sky. The shadow governments of both Russia and America have been battling it out for years behind the scenes in an invisible war for supremacy and control but it's often brought into public view when something like a SHUTTLE gets blown out of the sky.

There's much more going on behind the scenes on just about everything you could imagine.


I still need financial support to cover website(s) and other expenses for the month. I would like to thank all those who do support this ministry. I couldn't do it without you.


The Lord gave me an analogy this morning.

Imagine a stadium filled to capacity with people. Only this time it's not just anyone. Let's go through all the communities and churches of any given city and have all those who attend church, Bible studies, and/or just proclaim faith and love or the Name of the Lord as His followers and believers and fill this stadium with all these "holy rolling Bible thumpers" of the city.

So we fill this stadium up to capacity and even moreso, probably about 100,000 people gathered and inside this stadium.

So the Lord arrives and see's all these people who proclaim His Name and He's going to take all those out of the stadium and home with Him that are really His. He looks over the crowd and in that instant can see through each person there.

He calls for different invidiuals to come down to the field, ground, in the stadium. As He looks and purviews over each person in the stadium He didn't miss anyone. He knew everyone there. He takes all the people He had asked to come down to the field and leaves.

10,000 people left with Him.

Out of a stadium full of 100,000 holy-rolling Bible Thumpers He claimed only 10,000 as His own!

And that's how it's going to be folks. That's how it's going to be.

Only a true minority of those who Profess Him is He going to claim as His own.

The Lord's people have His heart in them. When He looks at them He sees Himself.

We are to become one with Him. We are to have His heart within us and if we're striving to be like Him then we will.

We'll have His eyes, we'll see things the way He does. We'll have His ears, we'll hear things the way He does. And we'll have His heart..we'll love the way He does, we'll hate what He does, and we will feel things the way He does. It's a process and it comes through relationship building with Him. To become more and more like Him and less and less of ourselves.

To be dead to this world and alive in Him.

He knows those who are striving to be like Him.

Are you one of those who strive to be like Him?

Do you have His heart in you or are you filled with yourself?

Pray and ask Him daily for Him to make you more like He is and for you to be able to fulfill your calling in Him. If you don't mean it don't pray it, but dont' waste your time telling everyone else how religious you are either.

If you aren't transforming to become more like Him and less of yourself than your truly the majority.

Think about it.

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