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Saturday, November 05, 2005

For those who have had ears to hear, your homes will be protected.

The Avian Flu will be spread via Chemtrails.

Chemtrails can't penetrate orgone.

My whole town is protected.

They haven't been able to penetrate the air space here with their chemtrail planes since I strategically placed orgone on the insides and outside in outlaying areas of the town.

I've gotten other areas as well, but not as many as I would have liked.

I'll be making orgone this weekend to get it out to those friends of mine who have patiently been waiting forever for it. I just haven't gotten to it in months I've been so distracted with everything else.

We are no longer selling it off the orgone websites for now until Ronda can get caught up with orders. The backlog isn't even funny and people are getting impatient. So no order-taking for a while folks, or however long it takes.

The directions are on the sites, such as

For the naysayers, it's crunch time. Keep laughing and ridiculing the heck out of me while you're breathing your last breath or get off your butts and protect yourselves and your families.

For the warriors, we've worked hard and we've done what we can. Our efforts will be blessed as we have done what we were instructed to do to protect ourselves and our families. Entire areas will be saved from the poison of Avian Flu when they unleash it. Our orgone is going to put many kinks in their plans as it fights against many things. Get your yards protected and neighborhoods, then work out from there while there is still time.

Yah bless His Warriors.

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