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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

An excellent show last night with Peggy Kane. You can listen to the archive at

Peggy confirmed the same thing I've been saying, that the Avian Flu will be spread through chemtrails.

You can also listen to Barbara Bush proclaim in Reverse Speech "I'm a Satanist." Well we already knew that but interesting to hear her proclaim it herself.


What's the point of fighting against them? Certainly most of us don't fear death because we'll just go home to a better place. But it is our duty to defend our lives against being murdered and to protect ourselves and our families against violence.

There's a difference between murder and martyrdom. Martyrdom is dying because you won't renounce your faith. Murder is them just killing you because you're a pest or a threat to an agenda.

There's nothing heroic about dying from one of their attacks. Fight against them. It's more heroic to fight and live.

It's our duty to stay alive. There's probably about 5 billion people on this planet that are going to die and go to hell for eternity. If God's people are dead, or keep the Gospel message from them, how will they hear it?

It's not always about knowing everything that's coming ahead, the reason of knowing is so you are prepared so you can survive the times, so you can preach His salvation.

It's about HIM, not us. It's about His Salvation and Redemption for mankind.

We're His light in a dark world.

Billions of people are going to die lost, without Him.

Tell them who HE is. Tell them of His Salvation.

Preach His Name. Preach His Message.

Acknowledge Him as your Saviour, accept His redemption and Salvation and get your name written in His Book of Life.

Seek the Most High and He will reveal Himself to you. Seek Him.

It's not about religion, or a denomination, it's about worshipping the Most High God, Yehovah. We can worship Him direct because of His Son's sacrifice for us, He died so we could be forgiven of our sins and through Him receive redemption and salvation. He is the ONLY mediator between God and man. Not Mary, not a Pope, not a prophet, not an ascended master, not a messiah with another name. His Name is Yahushua, most incorrectly call Him Jesus.

It was Yahushua who died on the cross for our sins and it is through Yahushua we have forgiveness and redemption of our sins. Ask Him for forgiveness, tell Him you accept His Salvation and will seek to live for Him.

It's really very simple to ask of Him, but living for Him in a world that rejects Him is where having real faith in Him is tested daily.

There's not much time left. And how do you know you will even live through tomorrow? So many people are just going to die in the streets suddenly from the coming attacks and destructions. Many won't have a thought of dying that day, yet they will. Tomorrow is promised to no one.

Don't play roulette with Eternity. Don't take your days for granted. Seek Him while you still can.

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