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Saturday, November 26, 2005

In a book written by Rebecca Brown, M.D. and published in 1987 called Prepare for War she describes a meeting she went to at an Episcopal Church in North Hollywood, California. I have this book in my own collection but was recently sent a photocopy of this particular material in her book and had forgotten all about it. I thought it would be interesting to post here.

Comments in paranthesis are mine:

"The meeting was held in a large and wealthy Episcopal church in North Hollywood, California. I suppose there were 400 or more people present. This experience was a real-life demonstration of Satan's plans for our nation and for Christians which I think would be worthwhile describing in some detail.

I went with three other Christians. Before entering the church we spent time in prayer asking the Lord specifically to bind the demons so that the audience could not be hypnotized or deceived (a practice that would be good to do before entering a Benny Hinn or charismatic church for those still not convinced they are demonic and controlled by Satan, what would it hurt to bind demons while sitting in church?).

The meeting started with an announcement that ten minutes of silence would be observed during which everyone was supposed to meditate to receive an 'overshadowing' and 'blessing' from Lord Maitreya through Benjamin Creme. The results were very interesting.

Benjamin sat on a straight chair in the center of the stage and quickly went into a meditative trance. His breathing slowed to such an extent that his face, neck and hands became mottled and blue from lack of oxygen. His whole positioning and appearance took on a peculiarly reptilian nature. His eyes were different than his own, extremely piercing and black. I felt as if suddenly I was looking at a corpse who's only sign of life was the burning eyes of the demon inside. He gazed unblinkingly out over the audience, very slowly turning his head from side to side - that is, until he came to our side of the room. He obviously ran into some trouble there!

The Lord gave us a momentary vision in our spirits of his attempt to layer demons out over the audience to obtain control over their minds. But it didn't work for the most part, and the supposed 10 minutes dragged out to 45 minutes as the struggle for control ensued. The audience became very restless, whispering, shuffling their feet and rustling papers. We sat there quietly rebuking and binding the demons. However, the hypnotic demonic power in his gaze was some of the most powerful I have ever experienced. We had to actively resist in the Name of Jesus to keep our minds from blanking out and falling under the power of that demonic gaze. I can understand just how easily an unwary person could fall completely under that control, and a person who does not have the power and authority of Jesus available to them just doesn't stand a chance. (this is the same thing I've been warning about, the hypnotism that will be used over audiences when he/they appear).

After the 45 minutes, Benjamin placed his hands together in an attitude of obeisance and bowed low, giving worship and honor to the demon called Lord Maitreya. Then a church official stood up and made an announcement that anyone who tried to question, disagree with, or refute anything Benjamin had to say would be arrested and removed by the police for causing a disturbance. No freedom of speech there!

I was most interested that Benjamin felt it necessary to spend the first 30 minutes of his lecture ridiculing and attempting to prove false the widespread Christian teaching of a Rapture. Considering the amount of controversy amongst Christian circles regarding a Rapture, I was fascinated that Satan apparently considers the teaching enough of a threat to have his servant spend so much time opposing it. Benjamin was clearly fulfilling the prophecy in 2 Peter 3:3,4,9,10. (I think this particular Scripture is misquoted here since the Day of the Lord is a period of time, AKA last half of the tribulation period and not a single Rapture event itself)

After trying to discredit any teaching on the return of Jesus Christ, Benjamin spent the next hour freely reinterpreting all of history, science and the Bible, twisting it all to fit his theory of reincarnation. (that's exactly what they do to, reinvent everything such history, religion and science to fit their views and force them on us, mankind).

There we were, sititng in a supposedly Christian church, forbidden from speaking any opposing opinion under threat of police action, listening to statements from a man who wants to abolish the God-given freedoms we enjoy in this country and do away with all Christians, with the complete approval of citizens of the U.S. who are benefitting from those very freedoms! I don't think the average Christian in this country has any idea just how far Satan has already gone towards the establishment of his One World Government! (and she wrote this in 1987).

She then goes on to explain why it is so difficult to share the Gospel with New Agers.
1. They are demonically controlled
2. They have allowed their minds to become very passive through meditative practices.
3. Their belief in reincarnation
4. Many of them have experienced astral projection
5. They have accepted the teaching that each person has their own 'truth' and that we each create our own 'reality.' (This sounds like the "Positive Thinking' theology that Robert Schuller promotes.)

This is what is so prelevant today. These same teachings and Maitreya hasn't gone anywhere, he's still around waiting to make his grand entrance onto the world scene as a physical person to reinvent everything we know to what he wants us to believe.

And they are all like that. There are many beast prophets already here in the guise of pastors, theologians, New Age teachings and their theology entering our churches.

Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn, all that ilk are Satan's servants on earth deceiving the churches and those who listen to them.

All of these people are controlled by demons masquerading as 'angels of light.'

Wake up people! Don't be deceived by them.

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