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Friday, October 28, 2005

I had a disturbing vision the other night. So much so, I couldn't even talk about it till early this a.m.

I saw a huge black commercial oven.

There was someone (or something) standing in front of the oven, I saw the door open and he pulled out a huge tray. Inside the tray was a huge layer of rice. And laying on top of the rice were three babies in a row.

They had been cooked till they were red. The Lord told me they had been cooked alive and died of suffocation from the heat of the stove.

The second time I saw the exact same scene, I saw that person or whoever it was take a baby out of the center of the tray and put the tray back in the oven.

They are kidnapping or breeding human babies so they (the aliens) can eat them. Perhaps this is why so many people are being held in their underground bases as prisoners. To be used as breeders.

I don't know why the Lord showed me this. But I think He's tired of their abominations and He's going to, or getting ready to put a stop to it.


Aluminum deflects ELF waves. Orgone deflects Chemtrails. Mirrors deflect lazers.

I'm still waiting for what seems to be the to escape a neutron bomb attack.

Future wars, especially here, will feature Neutron bombs. Neutron bombs will instantly disintegrate anything alive while leaving buildings, homes, and infrastructure intact.

Just imagine if they get the know-how to put this type of weapon inside a rifle, or hand-held type weapons instead of being used inside bombs or space weapons.

I'm wondering if some type of heat reflectors/deflectors would work to keep people from being affected by a neutron blast.

Right now the only thing I know that would prevent someone from disintegrating is having the Seal of God in their forehead. And not the phony one's claiming he's God.


Sananda will come claiming he's the Jesus of the Bible. He will be very tall and look like the pictures of Jesus we have seen.

Israel is all messed up.

They never could get it straight that their prophets foretold of one Messiah, fulfilling two roles in two separate comings.

The first time when the real Jesus (Joshua, Yahushua), the real Messiah came, they expected a Warrior Messiah so rejected Him because He was fulfilling the peace and suffering role. He died for the sins of mankind. The second time He comes He will be fulfilling the warrior and judgment role. And they will reject Him because now they expect Him to fulfill the peace and suffering role.

Sananda will come in peace to establish "his father's kingdom on earth." This is a lie. Yet the Jews will accept Him as their Messiah. His right-hand man will have legislation passed that forces the world to worship the image (of Sananda or this new kingdom) and accept His mark, number, or name on their right hand or forehead to join in this new heavenly kingdom forming on earth. Not just the Jews, but Many people will be deceived.

Satan comes first to establish his 'kingdom' on earth. He will use Sananda. Don't be deceived by the charades coming. They will attempt to fulfill Biblical prophecy but don't believe them.

When the real Lord returns He is not coming to establish His kingdom here and peace on the earth, He is going to destroy all the wicked off the earth and that includes this Sananda. The real Lord is not coming in a parade of "heavenly" angelic beings and UFOs like Sananda will, He's coming with tens of thousands of His Saints.

The deceptions coming are going to be good.

Real good.


I've been trying to figure out exactly what the effect is suppose to be from getting hit with their Particle Beam Rifle.

Besides being sore, and sometimes itchy but too painful to scratch, what the heck is it suppose to do other than eventually go away? I've had it over a month. Am I full of radiation now? Am I suppose to drop over dead? What? I don't get the purpose of it. Am I suppose to be intimidated? Is that it? For a while it did bother me to sit here at the computer and work but so what I'll stand up and type to get work done if I have to. What's the point? I'm missing it.

You can imagine my laughter when I saw in the codes the other day when I was working on a code for Particle Rifle the words Sherry-buttocks-blubber-blunted. It got me right at the top of the leg right under my butt, I was amused.

I had been sent a warning that my name was in the code and I would be targeted and hit by the rifle, the person didn't know I already had been hit so the warning was too late. But it's in the code. And so is the warning of the arrival of Sananda.

Could be sooner than most think.

Just be prepared either way if you see him arrive then you know he's one of the beasts prophesied in Revelation 13 and we ARE GOING IN the last half of the tribulation period.

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