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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The unintelligent agencies have a new toy they're getting bolder with.

I've mentioned the fact that there are particle beam weapons in space. That these weapons can annihilate entire countries and cities from space. They've already been used, the Columbia and Challenger were practice and targets of the ongoing behind the scenes 'invisible' war between the Russians and the Soviet-American-Bolshevik faction of the New World Order that's taken up residence in the Treason House in the District of Criminals.

In the visible war here on America the Russians will use them to completely annihilate our Air Force. Planes won't even get off the ground. And the ones that do, will be destroyed before they get 50 feet off the ground. The Russians dominate space weaponry. The USA can merely try to mimick what the Russians already have.

And that's what they've done.

They've taken the space particle beam weapon technology and assimilated it into modern weaponry, such as rifles. What we now have and can call Particle Beam Rifles.


Now they can assassinate pesty civilians without an actual bullet that screams murder.

And they've been seen with these rifles trying to shoot people with them.

A friend of mine was almost a victim of their brazen technology. And from the description of the result, a huge, painful sore or blister that wouldn't go away. I have possibly been hit with the same type of weapon already myself. I've had that same type of sore/blister that he described on the back of my leg for a month now. It's just now finally started to go away since I started putting rubbing alcohol on it.

These low-energy particle beam rifles are suppose to hit you in the head, penetrate the skull, and cause a headache. Lucky for me he was a bad shot. LOL. The unaware victim then eventually goes to bed and never wakes up. No bullet, no mess, no visible sign of being hit with anything. If strong enough, they could probably decapitate someone as well from a distance. They can decapitate or hit anyone from as far as a mile away.

A mindless crime.

Ok, some of you won't think that's funny. But their list on "how we can kill civilians" is getting lengthy. They've got more weapons than we can see coming. By the time we figure out what they're up to, they probably have new ones.

Earlier in the year I posted at site about their sniper rifle that can shoot chips into people. You would feel a small sting, or think you got bit by a mosquito when in reality you were just shot with a chip and implanted by it. They can shoot you anywhere, even as you shop at Walmart. With the microwave particle beam rifle they can shoot invisible rays at you and you would never suspect being hit with it. You may or may not hear a large cracking sound, but no evidence of it being from a gun. And since they can hit you from as far as a mile away, most likely you wouldn't hear anything at all.

I've had threats that I will be "going home" by Christmas, ooooooooooo a threat to send me home to be with the Most High. LOL.

They're such morons.

Bring it on, cowards.

Bush's death must be close. I've always seen in the codes, and it's dominate, that my death would be around the same time as his. I have another assignment to go prepare for so I can come back here and literally kick Satanic and Alien butts all over earth. Literally. It will be much more fun than just fighting them over a keyboard and indirectly leading an army to place orgone all over the world to make your existance here as miserable as possible.

I don't fear you. Never have, never will. I have crushed many of your generals without so much as raising my voice. Yes they are big and intimidating looking, but the Most High, and those who are His, have more power in their toe nails than they or you will ever have.

And so the war goes on. Visible, invisible,

May the Most High be exalted.

In All Things.

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