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Saturday, October 15, 2005

I saw him again last night. The remote viewer who thinks he's sneaky when he comes in here. I don't know if I've talked about him before on this blog, I'm sure I have. The one who likes to think he's Moses. He has bushy long hair and always wears a robe. He came right up to my computer and stood beside me for a second to see who it was I was talking to in instant messages. Moron.

No, I didn't cut him off at the legs. I want him to read this. I want him to know that I know who he is. Fair warning. Don't come in here again, you will be cut off if you do.

And I have a word for you:

Repent and turn away from your wickedness, and Satanism. You have fallen for the wrong side, you think you have power, you think you have influence. You are deceived and you deceive others for a while until they catch on. Haven't you noticed? People catch on to you, that's why you never grow, although you work at building a net daily, it will always be your own snare.

Repent and turn away from the evil you think is power. You think you're way ahead of everyone else, you think you have favor in Lucifer's eyes, he's playing you for a fool. You're going to hell. You cannot win. You cannot beat the Most High. There is no 5th dimension coming to earth for you and your ilk, there is no escaping judgment. The best thought out and laid out plans are going to be destroyed and come to naught. You will see them unravel and fall into derision. Judgment is coming on all of you. All of you who follow and serve Lucifer. Repent while there is still time. My words are not empty. Your plans are. Your rank, your status, is a joke, it means nothing...nothing. The position you hold that you think is so special, is promised to anyone stupid enough to get to your level and sacrifice their soul. You think you're in a niche, a top clique, and you're not, Satan thinks you're a joke, he just uses you. You fall for everything he says and does.

You crossed over. And for what? For what? Lies? Wealth? Status? Power? It means diddly compared to Eternity and you know it. And you know eternity is coming and judgment and you can't stop it, Lucifer can't stop it either. He's giving it his best shot, but he will fail. He will fail. Those in eternity know all about linear time and everything that will happen here and Lucifer fails. Admit it, because you already know it. You already know it. Repent while you still have time. The Lord's mercy will not always strive for you. I will cut you off the next time I see you in here, authority and permission from the Most High. Don't be stupid, you will lose. Repent.

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