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Friday, October 21, 2005

Florida here it comes..

I warned during September that another hurricane would hit Florida at the end of October and perhaps be the one that completely destroys it from central to the southern half. It should make Katrina look like an amateur.

And I've talked to several people there who confirmed it saying the Lord had warned them to leave those areas..and that was in September. So here it's coming folks..I pray those of His are listening and leaving those areas.

I really don't know if this will be 'the one' but if the Lord is even directing His people to leave then He's trying to protect them from coming certain death/destruction.

You have to wonder how long the Keys will be able to withstand the pounding of hurricanes.

People need to get off small islands everywhere.

With the massive plate shifts coming, entire islands are going to disappear over night. This year, next year, massive destructions happening and coming even more extreme.


Does God fly in a UFO? I still haven't seen any evidence that suggests so, no matter how much info those who believe He does try and show Scripture proof for it.

The favorite is Ezekiel chapter one where Ezekiel describes being taken up in a vehicle of "wheels within wheels." But if you look inside the chapter itself it IDENTIFIES what this vehicle is..a living being...a Cherubim. Not a ANGEL.

And then to torture Scripture even more, the rule of thumb for prophecy has always been, if it makes literal sense, then accept it as literal. If it makes no sense, then it's symbollic. They take literal terms and reinterpret them as if they were symbollic.

So with that in mind, why can't a cloud be a cloud? Or a pillar of light a pillar of light? Or a horse a horse?

A cloud can often be used symbollicaly as supernatural beings..but a machine? A UFO?

The Bible says Yahushua will return on a horse with ten thousands of His saints following behind Him. It doesn't say, "as is a horse" or, "like a horse" it says "a horse". So why can't a horse be a horse?

I've been approached over the years by those who support the "God rides in a UFO" theory, and I've never been able to embrace it. It's never felt right in my spirit. I don't doubt that warrior angels of His battle against the 'aliens' i.e. fallen angels in the first and second heavens in some kind of "UFOs" but I don't believe for a million years that HE will return to earth in a host of UFOs.

The Bible says when Jesus/Yahushua returns to earth that Israel will look upon whom they've pierced and recognize Him as the Messiah as He descends. What do they do see Him through a UFO window? I hardly doubt it.

The Bible says the world will see Him returning with His saints, tens of thousands of them, how would the world know they are His saints if it's just a UFO invasion of machines? How would the world know who they are?

I just don't buy it. Everything about Scripture seems to indicate otherwise. It's open-air for Yahushua and His saints when they arrive.

So why all the fuss to push this theory? Because the Antichrist needs it.

The Antichrist needs to condition people that God rides in a UFO so when he descends to earth in a host of UFOs people will believe he's "God" when it actually is just an invasion of aliens trying to deceive mankind.

Christians who push the "God uses UFOs" theory are just being pawns for Satan.

Let's say or pretend, that I am wrong and they are right. Knowing the plans of Satan and his aliens and that they come first to deceive mankind into accepting them as heavenly beings, do you really think the Lord would send out His people to inform and educate everyone that He (Jesus) rides in a UFO so that when Satan arrives in one everyone expects it to really be Jesus? Would He purposely be trying to help His people be deceived and accept Satan the imposter as Him Himself?

Would He have His people hitting the pavement yelling "God rides in UFOs and He's coming in them" while meanwhile Satan arrives with his alien invasion and then people mistake him and accept him as God?

Who is it helping here? This whole theory helps Satan. It helps the people, especially the Christians to buy into the delusion that when he comes he's the Messiah.

I've had conversations with those who promote this theory several times in emails, and when you bring up these points you never hear back from them.

The one thing I will never do is torture and manipulate Scripture to make it say something it doesn't just to support something I believe. It's either the truth or it isn't. I want the truth in all things, I pray for the truth in all things constantly. If I'm wrong then I'm confidant He will lead me into the truth...I refuse to hold onto anything or any belief and manipulate Scripture because I want to be right. It doesn't matter what I want. It's what HE says and what the truth actually IS that must be our foundation.

If it doesn't work throw it out. Plain and simple. If you have to torture Scripture to make it say something you want it to say then what you believe is wrong and you are in error. That goes for any doctrine, theory, or belief.

Don't make it say something it doesn't. Accept it for what it does say unless the Lord leads you otherwise.

From what I can see, there are always obvious and distinct reasons for errors. They purposely take away His divinity, or who He says He is, or what He did, or they will lead us astray so that we don't know what's coming or going to really happen leaving us actually clueless in all things when we need to be prepared or on guard.

The real Messiah is not returning in a machine.

And naturally, if Satan can't pull that one off he's prepared with holographics compliments of the USAF black projects to make it appear as if he's bodily and literally descending to earth.

The other funny one I've seen is Lucifer arriving in a "balloon." Someone give me a 50 caliber..LOL..I'd go to Israel to shoot it down myself.

Hot air balloons, holographics, UFOs...we don't know exactly which route he'll take, but at least you know the options.

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