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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I was tired yesterday. Just one of those days where you just don't want to really do anything..

I spent some time talking to Yah and could hear His own frustration in dealing with His people.

He told me that many, many, ask Him for favor, or ask Him for things that they want and yet don't do what He says.

Some have been gifted with great wealth and won't do what He asks with it, so He's going to take it away from them.

So many of His people caught up with the cares of this world that when He speaks to them or guides them in what to do they give Him excuses as to why they can't do what He asks.

Many can't be obedient in the smallest things, and yet want larger responsibilities, or larger callings from Him.

To whom much is given, much is required.

Reminded me as He spoke of the Parable of the Talents.

I just listened for a long time. I never said a word. I just listened to Him...

Most don't realize it's the small things that matter. That being obedient in even what seems like the smallest of thing to you will lead you into bigger and bigger things for Him. And more and more rewards from Him. Rewards that you keep for Eternity.

Everything we do is recorded. Everything we do matters.

Just as everything we don't do is recorded that He asked us to do.

Most people want immediate reward or satisfaction now for the things they do. And it doesn't work that way. Sometimes it does, but I don't think most of us will realize how much or how little we actually did for Him until the Judgment Seat of Christ when we stand before Him.

And then it's too late to change anything.

Faithfulness and obedience go hand in hand. You can't fully have one without the other.

Do we really love one another or do we just tolerate one another? Are we uplifting and encouraging one another or always looking for something to nag about? How do you treat your own brother and sister and how do you want to be treated by them? Look around you, your brethren are your brothers and sisters.

Are you helping build His Kingdom? Are you doing whatever He asks no matter how small or big or inconvenient to you it is?

He's frustrated with His people.

He said, "there's so many who call Me by My Name and won't do what I ask of them."

Some are going to lose their wealth, their possessions, everything they have, even their health. When the Lord wants to get someone's attention who won't listen He will start taking things away from them until they seek Him as to why. Unfortunately that's what it takes to get some peoples attention. They have to get to the end of their rope before they look to Him and ask "Why is this happening to me?" And then He has their attention. And that is what He said He is going to do.

I'm not writing this about or to any person in particular. I can hear it now, at times when I post blogs I get emails from people who think I wrote something about them and get offended or whatever. This is to all His people.

All those on the fringes who feed off His people instead of feeding His people. All those who think if they don't get involved they won't be accountable.

All those who sit by and watch the things that everyone else goes through and praise God it isn't them. I could feel His anger not at anyone I personally know or can think of, but all those I don't. All those on the outside fringes looking in.

All those who proclaim their own ministries and seek His favor and yet anger Him with their self-centeredness and the hate they show others because they simply disagree in points of doctrine with others.

People are perishing, and are going to perish, and instead of messages of redemption and salvation and righteous living those who call themselves shepherds are more worried about their next vacation.

Instead of preparing for what's ahead, the wealthy are working out ways to make more money or how they can save it and hide it.

Shepherds are fleecing the flock instead of feeding the flock. And those who are faithful and feed the flock are fleeced by those who feed off them.

Everything is a mess.

I know when I started saying things to Yah this morning I shut up and then wouldn't say anything..and that's how I am..because I don't want to gripe to Him. And yet He said, "tell me the things that bother you or upset you because I can't act and put things in motion unless you do." If we don't tell Him something is broken He can't fix it. If we don't tell Him our gripes He can't heal them or fix them. So maybe there's something here that someone else can use to. Don't be afraid to gripe to the Father. He can't fix our gripes if we don't give them to Him.

Sometimes we think we have to be the ones doing all the talking. And that isn't true. Yahushua is our Savior, our Redeemer, and our Friend.

I'm glad I was there so He could just vent.

He's the best friend I've ever had.

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