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Saturday, October 01, 2005


A drill involving a World Wide War is to be played out starting October 4. Really, a "drill"? Some allege the Yom Kippur War will start on October 13. Either way, I'm a bit burned out on wars. Same with hurricanes. Change the channel please, I'm getting sick of orchestrated TV.

Another hurricane, a devestating earthquake, the announcement of a Global Police Force and a reinstatement of the draft.

October doesn't sound like it could be a cheery month.

Yah just has me everywhere right now. Here, there, everywhere. In regards to His earlier message He gave to me that I posted on this blog, He means what He says.

There's something going on with that Eridu gate in Iraq. I can feel it. Hopefully I'll have something to post on it in couple days. Maybe earlier, who knows.

Justice will come. The fraudsters will drown in their own sewage. It's coming. And then more sewage will rise. Lucky for us eh?

I can't wait for the day when I/we can go to real battle against all of it. Real battle, not with pens or keyboards, but with swords and elevated Power from the Most High.

Elevated power. At the end His Elect will destroy the wicked off the face of the earth. And have fun doing it I might add.

Some of you were born to be warriors and you're walking around with your tail between your legs. Stand up, declare who you are in Him and be proud, daring, and the bold warriors you are to be.

Perfect love casts out fear. Put your trust and faith in the Lord, walk the talk and get ready for some real battle.

Walk the talk.

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