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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Well well...isn't it amusing that those who call Bible believers hate mongerers and intolerant, are themselves hate mongerers and intolerant. In fact moreso than we.

The New Age crowd loves to speak out of both sides of their mouths on just about everything. While they proclaim unity, love and tolerance, they condemn those to death who don't conform to their ideas much quicker than the judgment of God Himself does.

Of course most of them would vehemently deny it, but you will find it in their own writings themselves. For those who channel and listen to the teachings of Sananda, Hatonn (Aton), Maitreya and Germaine they base their teachings on scrolls they refer to as the Phoenix Journals. These are what they claim, are the original truths of religion itself, lost over time and found by a Greek, yada yada yada..

In these scrolls they declare:

"If two men consort with one another in intimate sexual relationships, they should be punished for the fallible are unworthy of life and its laws, therefore they should be sterilized and further, expelled and banned before the people" (Journal #2, p. 65)

Child molesters and pedophiles should be killed, also those who involved with incest, also those who practice beastiality. All should be killed (pp. 65-66).

He who marries a man or woman who was divorced should be sterilized and banned from the people (p. 66).

A man who begets children out of wedlock should lose his life and he who creates a child in this union and abandons this child shall have his name stricken from the Book of Life (p. 66).

The only reason for divorce is adultery...if a person is responsible for adultery he should be sterilized (p. 68).

No wonder Bush, Cheney and the rest of the NWO pedophile, incest, Satan freaks are always on the run! According to these laws, most likely the entire Illuminati clan would be facing death and/or sterilization!

At the same time, these same New Age freaks hardly make known their real intentions of what their own religion dictates. They merely proclaim everyone elses is wrong and their's is right hiding the condemnation and judgment they contain themselves from their own followers who never read their official material anyway.

They focus more on the "dimension shift" they so badly need to attempt to escape God's coming judgment that they will tell the stupid earthlings anything they want to hear..anything that makes them feel good..just to get their foot on our planet.

You can never escape judgment and any religion..and yes, the New Age IS a religion. It's all about religion. It's all about rejecting earth's religions and accepting theirs as the leaders of the coming New Age.

Of course the Talmud flips the coin. It's perfectly ok to be a pedophile as long as the child is under 10 years of age. They plan on persecuting the people who don't agree with them on that. Not to mention their other twisted and perverted teachings that make the New Age look almost godlike.

It's a war between the New Age and the Talmud. Both religions plan on the elimination of Bible believers who won't adhere to their teachings.

But is it really a war or are they all just working together in phases to bring about the final result..bringing Satan to power on earth?

First we'll have the Satanism and outright suffering and death of billions of people that gives these Satanists thrills and a sense of power, along with their elimination of whole countries and societies for population control..and for who? The New Age. The Aliens in charge of pushing the New Age agenda know they don't have the manpower to control earth's population of 7 billion they are using the NWO to eliminate the numbers to a manageable size, so when they step in they can control the earth.

In fact you will see the entire last days scenario implemented in 3 stages.

1. New World Order, martial law, police states, the elimination of freedom and troublesome Bible believers and patriots, famines, plagues, man-made disasters touted as if they are "acts of God" and wars. When the planet has been decimated by the agenda of the NWO, then the New Agers will step in.

2. When the New Age steps in you will basically see an Alien invasion here on earth. They will come as our forefathers, Ascended Masters, "light beings", and they will try and implement a mimickery of the Most High God's kingdom of heaven on earth. They will deceive mankind into believing the Messiah is arriving to establish His Kingdom on Earth when they bring him to earth in a multitude of UFOs and Satan descends down from the air onto Jerusalem. Heralding Satan as the messiah they will eliminate all those who refuse to believe them and join their kingdom on earth while claiming the dissenters are just being sent to other planets.

3. The real Messiah, the real Lord of Lords and King of Kings returns with ten thousands of His Saints to put an end to the earthly rule and lies of Satan. He will destroy and judge the earth and those that believed Satan and followed after him and his false beast prophets damning their souls where these people will suffer and be in torment in the Lake of fire for Eternity.

It is after all, the Aliens themselves who rule the New World Order behind the scenes. They just use them as pawns to set the earth up for their arrival in phase 2. There really aren't distinct factions fighting against each other, since the Aliens run it all. The only ones deceived are the humans running the New World Order aspect for them, who can't see themselves as the pawns they are, and, who are now running for safety to get away from these same Aliens who seek to end their (NWO) reign on earth and begin phase 2.

But it isn't time yet for that. Much more destruction is still needed here on earth to begin phase 2. The population is still to free and to innumerable for them to control.

So what's to come? Much more of phase one. Ultimate goal? The elimination of millions, if not billions of people, one way or another through disease, famines, bio-attacks, martial law, persecutions, natural disasters and wars.

If you don't have Yahushua, Jesus, then you have nothing in these last days but a sure death of some kind waiting for you. And when you die, you will die lost, without Him, and doomed to eternity in the Lake of Fire that awaits all those who reject Him.

It's too late to save our planet or even our own country from the grip of Satan and his factions. God has declared His judgment on this country and has allowed them to take over and destroy it in their phases.

You can make a choice though, you can choose to serve Yahushua and live in heaven with Him for eternity once you die on this earth. The Lord is reaching out to all those who have rejected Him to repent and accept His redemption and salvation. One day it will be too late, don't wait to find that out, accept Him and seek to follow Him now while you can.

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