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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Meditating on the Lord..what does it mean? I was asked this recently so decided it would be a good topic to have on here.

Most people take the word 'meditation' and run with it for a mile into New Age, Yoga, and even visualization practices. This leads to opening demonic doorways and is not what the Lord had in mind or even King David when he would meditate on the Lord.

Meditate means to dwell. Dwell on the Lord. Think about Him. Keep Him foremost on your mind by thinking about Him, singing to Him, talking to Him...eventually you will become One with Him.

And I'm not talking about maybe 5 minutes a day, which would probably be a good start for some people, and at least it's a start you can build on, but an all day and every day thing. As much as possible, always having Him on your mind, always thinking about Him, talking to Him about the little things or even the mundane things. People think He only wants to hear about our immediate wants or needs. He wants to hear about it all folks.

Most people never talk to Him unless they're asking for something. If you're going to ask Him for something ask Him for the truth to be revealed, or discernment, or wisdom, or knowledge. Ask Him for strength, peace, joy, or even how to hear Him. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you, to teach you who He is, to teach you how you can have a closer relationship with Him. People think they have to search for these answers from others, ask Him direct yourself.

I find it simply amazing that we've been led so far from Him that most people just don't know to go to Him direct about the most basic things. I was the same way growing up in the church system. Somewhere He got lost in all that. Instead of just going to Him we are led to think we have to listen to pastors, or read someone's books, or search out this knowledge on our own from others.

Anyone, who is truly of the Lord's, will lead you to HIM. In all things. Have a question? Ask Him and keep asking Him until you get an answer that hits your spirit that you know is from Him, of Him, and your Spirit testifies to you that you know it is the right answer. Being right brings peace and confidence in Him. Learning how He works brings confidence in Him. And you learn these things by and from Him Himself through your experiences and journey in getting to know Him as He leads you and guides you.

We don't need man or woman to tell us Him direct. At times He will lead us to others to learn something from them that He has already taught and shown to them so you can learn it to, but you will know it's one of those times when it hits your Spirit that "Yes! This is the answer." If it's not, then you'll know it because you won't have that peace about it, and your Spirit will still feel a longing for the truth. Real truth brings an end to the searching. Real truth brings peace.

We have peace in Him because we have the truth in Him. If you don't feel peace then there's areas you are in deception or in errors in. Ask Him what those are. Ask Him to reveal them to you.

Once you realize how much there actually is involved with becoming One with Him, you'll realize that yes, having a relationship with Him is much more than a 10 minute prayer at bed time. It's being with Him and open to Him daily, all day. It takes practice, but over time it will just become who you are and how you are. You're with Him, you will have become one with Him.

Anybody can do this. In fact we are all supposed to. This isn't some special anointing, or gift, or calling, this is a teaching from Him Himself. He says "My sheep hear My voice and they know Me and they follow Me." How can you hear Him and know Him if He hasn't revealed Himself to you and taught you how to hear His voice and know Him? Spend time with Him so He can.

The more you learn to know Him, the more you know what isn't.

He's our Father. Do you know your Father? Spend time with Him every day and ask Him to teach you everything there is to know about Himself.

Some of you are hearing these things for the first time because they don't teach this in the churches, He's been lost in the quagmire of sermons and musicals about Him but don't lead enough in knowledge on how to have a real relationship in Him.

It's a one on one thing. It's not something someone else can do for you. YOU have to decide that you are going to commit time to Him and start seeking Him daily and meditating (dwelling) on Him daily and asking Him for the things you need to be drawn into a closer relationship with Him.

It's not a formal thing either. Go to Him as you are. You don't have to bow your head to talk to Him, talk to Him while you're working on something. If He's guiding your thoughts onto righteous things think about them, dwell on whatever it is He's revealing to you in your thoughts. Likewise, if it's not of Him rebuke it and seek the things that are of Him. Ask Him to keep you from evil. Ask Him to deliver you from evil and to set your feet on the path of holiness and righteousness.

It never gets boring and mundane with the Lord. There's never things to run out of to seek Him on. What you do have, ask for more, what you don't have, ask for.

Building a personal relationship with Him is a process, one that develops over time. Just start daily and don't think about the time factor. He can take you to levels you never thought you'd be at in a short amount of time if He wants to. He knows what each person needs and works with each person individually. Your relationship with Him is what you build and allow Him to do with you. As in any relationship, be yourself, and allow Him to be Himself to you. He wants to be personable with us. You will find He has a great sense of humor and he's more loving and aware of us ourselves than you could have ever imagined.

He can only work with what you give Him.

Commit 100% to Him.

And if you have never asked the Lord to be the Lord of your life, do it now at

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