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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Yesterday I was starving so while I was out running to the Post Office I got a fish sandwich from McDonalds. Spent the rest of the day puking and in misery. Not to mention it's cold and rainy, so a miserable day anyway! I know..I'm gross..oh well..

I haven't gone grocery shopping in two weeks. I hate shopping. I hate grocery stores. Want to get sick? Go to a grocery store where 1,000 people have just pushed the same cart you just grabbed. It's disgusting. Not to mention by the time you pick up a jar or can of whatever off the shelves it's probably been touched by 50 other people who picked it up and then put it back.

I want a cave. Someone buy me a cave. I need to get out of town and into the country more. I live right in the middle of a two-horse town. Won't be very safe in the near future. There's alot of hills around here, I'd love to just dig into the side of one somewhere.

There's quite a bit of Amish around here. I was thinking the other day there's going to come a time when we'll be paying them to "drive" us around.

A lot of feedback from Monday night's show. Probably one of the highest #s as far as audiences I've had. Usually it's Archive Tuesday that gets the most numbers...but a lot of people listening Monday night. Good to have the newcomers to the show.

I think the shrub is getting desperate. He knows he's in trouble from every direction, and if indictments are a threat, then it's probably the reason we're seeing so much of his "outbreak" threats lately..

I mean really, I think he's sending out signals that if anyone tries to arrest him for the criminal he is, he's going to unleash a bio-attack on this country we've never seen before. He may even use it anyway to keep this country in chaos so he can't be arrested, or indicted, for his involvement in the Plame, CIA-leakgate fiasco.

And apparently the ELF God is talking to Bush. I'm shocked and surprised. Now he can join the other 90% in churchdumb ELF has made friends with..LOL..God does not talk to your head. ELF does.
Read about The ELF God here at..

Here's something for ya..for those who don't think speaking in tongues is harmful or is being used by the Beast Prophets to glorify Satan..

also see my article 666 And The Phony Seal of God Club at how these same pastors and ministers of our churches are going to lead the way for the worship of the image of the beast and pushing their congregations to accept the mark of the Beast.

Yah Bless His Saints.

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