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Thursday, October 06, 2005

A lot of conditioning lately for their next planned terror attack against the American people. No, not from boogeymen that don't exist, like the Al-Queda, or Arabs hell bent on destroying America, but our government itself.

Of course the Arabs probably are by now, but our government asked for it...and it's the people that pay for their arrogance, stupidity, and thirst for blood and death. Satan feeds off of it for increased power and so our Satan-loyal government gives it to him through wars and self-implemented terror attacks they blame on everyone else.

Is a plague of Biblical proportions coming? I don't doubt it. How will they do it? Through scare tactics...make the people afraid so they run and get the vaccinations..which will make them sick and cause the epidemic to begin with and the spraying of Chemtrails.

Reports coming out of California and Washington about an odor of stench and sulfur. Brings three things to mind, warning of a earthquake coming of great magnitude along the entire coast, the underground heating up causing more disruption from volcanoes, or last but not least, they are firing up the underground incinerators and killing citizens already.

What citizens? Most likely if any, the New Orleans evacuees that have been trotted all over the country and of which the spotlight of them will be taken out of the media so they are 'forgotten about." Easy elimination targets? Yes. Many of them were taken to facilities and camps run by FEMA that were locking them in and not allowing them to leave. What part of a prison doesn't that sound like?

I warned last year that FEMA was going to be the enemy of the people of this country. They are an arm of Satan's and the NWO to control, kill, and enforce the NWO agenda here.

No, they are not your friends.

Perhaps the New Orleans debicle will wake people up to what I have been saying about them.

The media will portray the window dressing aspect of them, the humans on the front line sincerely trying to help those in need, but will never portray the hideous truth about the 'real' organization..that many have seen for themselves down there.

States need to block FEMA from entering them. Plain and simple.

With their kind of help, who needs them.

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