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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tell the Lord you love Him today.

Mean it with your heart, give Him a big heart felt "I love you Jesus/Yahushua" and be the one He can count on in these last days.

So many people think of Him as just an indifferent robotic Messiah that just acts and reacts to mankind. He's Real. He needs us just as much as we need Him. He wants our love and adoration, He wants more than just lip service, let Him feel it from your heart, a real genuinness to Him and for Him.

He wants and needs for His people to be the light(s) in a dark world for Him. Are you someone He can count on? Are you a go-to person for Him? If He needs something done can He depend on you if He asks you to do it?

The Lord works through His people.

He works through His people.

So many would like nothing more than His hand to come down from heaven to literally place them somewhere, or steer them in a direction, or to hear a loud booming voice telling them what to do or give them something they need to hear. Sure it would be nice, but He doesn't work that way. He works through His people to bless, teach or educate others of His that need it. He speaks to our Spirits and guides our thoughts.

Meditate on Him today, dwell on Him, think about Him, spend some genuine time with Him today.

Disasters come and go, and they are going to increase. With a New World Order and Alien agenda to depopulate the world by 6 billion people we are going to be seeing a LOT of death and destruction on earth.

Find your peace in Him.

Know that His hand is on His people that truly love Him and follow Him, and do the things that He says.

I warned earlier this month and last month about the coming hurricane in Florida for October. I've warned the people of Japan to get off that island, they have been given much time to do so, eventually time will run out.

2005 is an appetizer for 2006.

It's never going to get better folks, or return to what it once was with relative peace. There will be no more peace, just judgment at every turn, disasters, pestilences, plagues, wars, death, destruction. Increasing in veracity.

The horsemen are riding.

Be at peace, we know these things must be fulfilled.

Seek Him for solace and guidance.

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