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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Small Ceramic heaters....they're the best as far as being inexpensive and child proof, with as much power as floor heaters, which are just all bulk and take up more space to begin with.

Your hardware stores have them and Walmart probably does as well. If you touch them you won't get burned, and if the kids throw something on them it won't catch on far as trying to keep warm in a freezing winter and safety, they're probably your best type of heater.

Of course electric can go out and so a backup power source for that would also be needed, but it beats turning on the gas until then. If at all.

I know, I just said all this stuff a month or so ago..if I sound like a broken record, that's the point..get the point..

Tents and Tarps. Be prepared. If you end up in the middle of an earthquake nightmare at least you will have some kind of shelter. Anyone can be an unexpected victim of an earthquake. The Bible says they will be in divers, or various/different places. Those are always good things to have and put them back somewhere for emergencies...

For the cost of a few pizzas you can be prepared well and above the majority of people when disaster unexpectedly strikes. Think ahead, protect yourself and your family instead of becoming someone elses problem or having to become a burden on someone else who DID think ahead.

Some of you are being led to get out of certain states or the Lord for confirmation and start planning, get out of there.

The biggest problem is people don't know how to hear Him. Ask Him to guide your thoughts...listen for His small voice in your Spirit. Ask Him daily to guide your thoughts and to teach you how to hear Him. Get into a habit of expecting to hear Him everyday in some way. He works in various ways. And ask Him for these things every day..He gives in measure, a little here, a little there, if you keep bugging Him then He knows you really want it.

And no I'm not talking about material things. He knows what you need. Don't bug Him constantly and be praying amiss for things that He will say no to. If He says no, get over it and move on. He will give you what your heart desires if you are praying in alignment with His Word for spiritual things, not material things.

He provides for our needs, not always our wants.

What does the government fear the most? People who can take care of themselves.

They want you to have to crawl to them for help so they can throw you in their bureacratic system and have control of you. Be able and prepared to take care of yourself in any circumstance.


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