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Friday, September 30, 2005

October should be interesting.

Fires, fires, fires, earthquakes, more hurricanes even.

I said at the beginning of 2005 it was a year of judgment. And it's going to continue through 2006 as well.

Political forewarn them...let those loyal to Satan see for themselves how great he thinks they are. He props them up and uses them as pawns then discards them and hides behind it all. And yet they meet continually to praise him and do rituals and sacrifices as if he cares about anything but seeing them all eventually die and burn in hell with everyone else he has fooled throughout the centuries.

You would think they would know his game, since they learned how to play it themselves. Only they have no real power or control, only what they think they have because he lets them indulge in it, drown themselves in it, become extremely wealthy, and then kills them off and takes their souls to hell where they suffer and are in torment for eternity. That's the grand prize for all of them.

They think they're going to reign, rule, have power and prestige in some fictitious afterlife scenario he has lied about and sold to them. And they're so sure of it, they've spent their lives killing and sacrificing their own children and souls to find out later it won't mean squat in eternity. They can enjoy the delusion now of wealth, fame and fortune, but 100 years or less on this earth doesn't mean tiddly compared to an eternity that never ends.

A lot of lesser folks get pulled into the drama and illusion of those above them who have wealth and power. Their greed kicks in and they buy the lies that if they climb up the ranks they too can have the same things. High paying jobs, security, the promise of being cared for when times get tough in the're putting your trust and faith in those who worship Satan to find some kind of compassion to think about you and your family when it comes down to it. You're being played. They entice military and government employees, even contractors and subcontractors with any lie it takes for them to do their work for them or help with the lesser menial stuff, not to mention just buying their silence.

Many, stuck in underground bases and/or jobs they'll never be able to leave without threat of death to themselves or loved ones.

Ultimately it's not loyalty that keeps the entirety of Satan's 'kingdom' on earth in place, it's fear.

The governments and top brass in the militaries of the world, even civilians, all of them involved play the illusion but live the fear. They know the piper will be coming to collect.

Yahushua, Jesus, died so your sins could be forgiven. And He will forgive you. Renounce your loyalties to Satan's agendas, such as the New World Order or New Age, and turn your back on it. Walk away from it.

It's not to late right now, you're reading this, but tomorrow could be.

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