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Friday, September 16, 2005

Lately the Lord has just hit my Spirit with getting prepared for a cold winter, or even perhaps one without fuel, or just not being able to afford it since gas will be outrageous..and if you heat your homes with gas you're like big trouble..


I've been looking at electric space heaters.

And after visiting various websites and finding some rather nice looking floor models, I decided to venture over to the hardware store here in town and see what they had.To my surprise, they had these smaller heaters, I mean they're like what..10 inches high or something..much smaller than the huge floor models I had seen on websites..but they put out the exact same power.

The maximum a space heater can put out is 1500 watt. Come to think of it, that's the same as my hair dryer on full speed, but oh well back to topic here...the BTU ranges and the highest I guess being 5120 BTU.

So these smaller heaters, called Heat Masters put out the same power, and in some instances, more power than the more expensive floor models...and they were only $26.95 or whatever a piece compared to the $60-$70 taller floor model kind.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my day of brilliance and research here, for others who will need it. LOL..

I even asked the lady at the hardware store..I said this has the same wattage and BTU as the larger models, yet they're much smaller, and she said they are all the same, no matter what the size, the smaller ones can put out just as much punch as the larger ones.

So anyway, thinking of staying warm this winter?

I know that using several electric space heaters will prob be much cheaper than using gas or oil. Also, if electric goes out you can power them with a generator to stay warm. Anyway just a heads up on getting prepared for a cold winter.

Of course a wood burner with wood is always your best bet...but for those just trying to avoid gas..use electric space heaters, it will save you money.

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