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Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Message the Lord gave to me on 9-24-05

My Spirit cannot be limited to man's thinking or way of life. What he has seen or hasn't, what he has experienced or hasn't. My Spirit moves across mankind and in all My people. And those who embrace it, will embrace life, and power, and the breath of life.

Many have misunderstood Me, and My ways. And yet greater things you will do then My Son did. I am getting ready to reveal My people. I am getting ready to move them out to be among the people, and heal them, and preach My name and repentence to them. I will give them My Spirit to perform great works in My Name.

Don't be deceived by man's perceptions. My Spirit will lead you into a new life within Me. You have battled endlessly, you have stood up while those called for Me sat down. You have stood by Me and honored my Name when others blasphemed and mocked Me. I love you child.

I will teach you new things of My Spirit and you will manifest in the Spirit, My Spirit. You will lead many and you will stand in the walk of the righteous. You will carry My Name to all those who will listen, from one end of the earth to the other. I have strengthened you and prepared you for this time child.

You did not think you would see this time, this far into your own future, for you thought it must end at earlier times. And indeed child, they would have killed you and have tried to kill you, but they could not. Even when I lifted my protection from you they could not defeat you. You are like your Father child, you are like Me, and they see this and they recognize and know this, and you frighten them child.

It's time for more. You will receive more of Me to do what I am now calling you to do. To lead my people to preach My word of repentance and salvation. Not to save this country, for I have already pronounced My judgment on it, but to save the souls of those in it who are going to perish for eternity.

Tell them to abandon their way for Me. Tell them to take on my armor and defeat the ways of the devil. You child, will lead many to Me and in so doing, will bring down the wrath of all those who hate you. Yes child, the time is coming now to stand up victorious in Me and declare that this nation will not go down to their plans without a fight. Fight for My people Sherry, you are a warrior, now is the time where I will lead you at a moment's notice to do things for me.

It is not time to fret, but to get the job done. I will lead you, just follow as you always have. Have confidence in Me and I will show you the tree of knowledge that all must reject to come to Me.
At a moment's notice I will call you child to come unto Me, or to go here, or there, it is time.

I will teach you the things that Enoch knew, I will show you greater things than even he saw and you will do greater things than even he did. I love you child, My warrior of the last days who will fight alone for Me . I have sent many to lift you up and prepare you, to help you and they were and are of Me. I use whomever I choose for My own purposes.

Your discernment has caught on to many things but you have learned not to act without Me and so I can do many things before you and I know you see them child.

For the sake of redemption and salvation to them I will lead the worst to you. You have seen it, you have experienced some of them, I am sending more for their own salvation in Me. If you could only see child the things that have happened or that take place. You shake the gates of Hell and every government on this earth. I love you child.

Be still in Me. Listen for My voice and My leading.

I love you child.

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