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Friday, September 02, 2005

You're letting the cat out of the bag George.

When we claim you are purposely destroying this country to set up a Satanic one world government run by Lucifer himself with your weather weapons and own acts of "terrorism" you're suppose to deny it and call us conspiracy theorists. You're suppose to try and intimidate us with psychological testing or even trump up fake criminal charges against us and throw us in jail one by one to silence us.

But you're getting sloppy. By offending every American citizen affected by Hurricane Katrina, and even those who weren't directly affected themselves by referring to them as "refugees" you are alienating and offending this entire country.

The victims of Hurricane Katrina are NOT refugees. They are Evacuees, American citizens forced out of their homes by your weather weapon HAARP which induced that Hurricane to begin with.

A Refugee is a political prisoner. A person fleeing their country to get away from government persecution and tyranny. So by referring to them as refugees you are exactly right, but you're suppose to be denying the American government is hell bent on destroying it's own citizens with their persecution, tyranny, fake war on terrorism, and their own purposefull acts of terrorism (911) and weather destruction.

You're suppose to deny that the government is purposely killing it's own men, women and children to further its own agenda of installing Satanism in America as the new religion and government.

Even the sleeping are offended and noticing you are referring to American citizens as "refugees." You've woken up the sleeping, something we haven't been able to do for years. Now maybe they'll really open their eyes to who and what you are, to who and what your father and Bill Clinton are. To who and what is running our government.

It's hard for those completely sold out to Satan to show remorse, compassion, or even emotion. You wonder why Americans are upset that you're out playing golf and our Secretary of State is out shopping, buying shoes worth $thousands of dollars and enjoying Broadway, while millions of Americans have lost their homes, are dying and suffering. You can't relate because you're not even human anymore George. You're completely sold out to Satan and his agenda.

Maybe America will wake up. Keep referring to them as refugees're doing more to wake up the sleepers and couch potatoes than those with their eyes opened have been able to.

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