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Thursday, September 01, 2005

The show must go on..I'll be staying on the air..thanks to the support from listeners..

Last year, or even earlier this year I said once the USA hit martial law anywhere it would never end, just spread... brace yourself folks, expect and be prepared for the worst but don't do it alone, seek the Most High and find peace in Him and let Him lead and guide you on what to do or buy.

There were thousands who died by drowning in New Orleans and Louisiana, how many of them stayed where they were because "God will protect me"..when He opened up the Superdome..use common sense folks...

I'm bracing for the worst in shortages..I expect them, not that I'm prepared for them, but I expect them..

all the things you need..the list goes insane..guys think of canned food and water..women think of food, water, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, dish liquid, and the list goes on...

check out my new pics of the Commander in Sleep at many George's are there posing as G. Bush Jr? We should start a poll..or just start collecting all his various pics..

here's a tip, the guy arrested for being Saddam Insane is not Saddam. And apparently he wasn't anymore insane then the gestapo running our own government.

Don't expect things to calm down..they needed a 'crises' to get things rolling and they are going to run with this...what's next? Houston? More weather destructions?

It's obvious the hurricanes are man-made..and you can check out more info on it at

Escalating tempers on the war in Iraq, man-made weather destruction in America, civil unrest with government tyranny...high gas prices, shortages, unrest, it all plays into their hands..a civil war or civil unrest here in America would play into their hands so they really don't care if Americans unite to mass protest anything that is going on, it will just advance their agenda, they are prepared for it...they want it..

In fact, how much more do they have to do to get Americans on their feet and in the streets in anger and protest? They're pushing the buttons, laughing, waiting for a response.

The Satan freaks running the White House don't care about you or your family. They don't care about this country, their loyalty is to Satan and destroying this country. Until people wake up and realize they've been had by smooth talking liars those in the government will continue with their rampage to destroy America every way they can.

Wake up people..they ARE NOT human. They are soul-scalped Alien lizards running this country.

The Illuminati bloodlines are ALIEN HYBRID bloodlines.

What are aliens? Fallen Angels. They are bad seed you get it yet?

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