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Friday, September 02, 2005

It is pitifull what's going on in New Orleans.

America will rush naval ships to Asian Tsunami victims and send billions in aid and yet turn around and prevent anyone from helping the victims of Louisiana and refuse to give them food or water.

Citizens trying to get in and help are turned away, victims are told to "fend for themselves' and then cameras are there to show the looting to justify their martial law. Please. Would the government please stand down and let the people of America help our fellow Americans since you refuse to?

They're incompetent because they don't care. While city officials are shocked at the lack of response from the government in helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina all I can think is, "this is just the beginning."

And please do NOT donate to the Red Cross. They are thieves and liars. Most of the families of 911 never received any help from them at all after the Red Cross received millions of dollars from the public to help the victims. Just ask the victims how much of that aid they received. In fact, the Red Cross decided all that money was going to be used for a "war against terrorism fund." Please...they committed fraud and walk around flaunting it without so much of a wimper from the government.

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Yes, a disaster is coming to your neighborhood, it's not "if" but "when."

Take two minutes and think, "if the power went out right now and we weren't going to get it turned on for 4 more weeks, what do I need to be able to stay where I'm at?" Start making your list.

Accepting government shelter is accepting their ownership and imprisonment over you. Don't go to government shelters. Don't get their vaccinations at any cost, their cure will kill you before any disease ever will.

Making people dependent on them is how they are going to finish off the destruction of this country, one city at a time. Become independent of their help. Get your own food and water stocked up and alternative power sources. Get tents so if you have to leave your area and head to the woods or the mountains then so be it, better than getting trapped and imprisoned in a "we'll help you" facade.

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