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Sunday, September 04, 2005

An email I received from a friend in Boston..

I just heard on a local radio station that 2,500 victims from hurricane Katrina will be leaving Texas and headed for Massachusetts in the next 72 hours.

The original plan last night from the Mayor of Boston, Mayor Minimo said that they would be able to go to the Boston convention Center because there is plenty of room. Today the plan changed to Otis Air Force Base, Camp Edwards.

Governor Nick Romney got on the radio today and said that they would be fingerprinted and contained within wire. He used the reason that there is a need for very high security because top secret planes come and go in and out of this base.

You and I both know this is bull. I want to know if you could help me inform the mayor of New Orleans of what is going to happen to his people. Do you think he is in on it and it is just a waste of time?

I want to let him know that the storm is man made by Haarp Technology and was a direct hit to intentionally make the area uninhabitable in order to begin phase I of martial law. Please respond ASAP. I do not thing Jesus our Saviour wants us to sit back and let this happen to these people. We can be sure more of the bases will be used.


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