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Thursday, September 08, 2005

So what's coming over the horizon?

Anarchy, martial law, a federal and military takeover of our cities one by one.

A possible earthquake in St. Louis this month, a 7.7 in CA next month. A Russian firing on 4 of our cities in December, Richmond, Va., Lexington, KY, Columbia, S.C. and just north of NYC. Perhaps that Power Plant that's up in northern NY area.

Not to mention more hurricanes targetting Florida and New Orleans again, and perhaps Boston and NYC.

Get away from the coasts..get out of Florida and California. Those states are disasters waiting to happen. They will both be sunk eventually so why wait for the inevitable?

Somebody sent me some info on Nostradamus, and while initially repulsed at it, what is too hard to believe? Nostra has a quatrain about Zombies appearing and wreaking havoc on mankind .

I've talked about soul-scalping and walk-ins before on a demonic and alien level, and what they do to people. We haven't seen anything yet. And goodie for us Hollywood has already been pre-warning us what is to come with movies such as "Night of the Living Dead" and others featuring Zombies that can't be killed unless you shoot or chop their heads off.

I've seen in the Bible Codes about 10 million automatons roaming the earth. What exactly an automaton is to a Hebrew could be anything. A zombie? A soul-scalped soldier? A chip implanted soldier with no emotions or control over his actions or mind?

So it's something to think about. And a 357magnum with hollow point bullets will get you prepared.

Vampires and Zombies. A 357 will take them out, aim for the head. A shot to the chest will take them down, then finish them off with a shot to the head.

Oh I know, "I've really lost it now."

I've been warning about the coming cannibalism and the horrors of Satan's rule and wrath on earth for years now. No one has yet been able to accurately describe the full horrors of what will be going on here. I tried with my article, "To Serve Man" at

It's hard to convey what you see into words. It's too horrible. And it comes from every direction.

Aliens abducting humans at increasing numbers for food storage in their UFOs. Humans being gathered and sent to processing centers located here in America and in other nations for food.

The collecting and harvesting of body parts and organs so the "elite" can "live forever." Which is why beheading will become the dominant form of death and persecution. So they can salvage what they can of bodies.

Outright cannibalism from the billions of people on this planet who will be starving and without food. Not just here in America, everywhere.

And that's just a tip of the iceberg of what's to come folks.

If you aren't right with God, get there. Re-commit your heart and life to Him. If you have rejected His salvation Satan owns you on default so he has complete and total access to you to do with what he wants. You're a prime candidate for soul-scalping or being possessed/walked-in on.

Backslidden Christians fall into that category as well. If you are "outside the fold" then you are fair prey for Satan and his minions. How many Christians think they can sin and get away with it? What does Yahushua say about sin? Yah never gave us a license to sin, He said stay away from it, not to sin.

So many people have a 'license to sin' mentality. They can do what they want and Yah will just forgive them. Well, yes He will if you ask Him to, but keep in mind while you are in direct opposition to Him by being in sin, you are fair game to Satan and what he will or can do to you.

Being one of Yahweh's is a life committment to Him. It's not just a 30 second prayer of acknowledging Him and receiving His salvation. You must commit not just your heart to Him, but your life to Him and follow His commandments and laws. Your faith is justified by your works as the apostle James says. In other words, walk the talk.

Repent America. Turn away from your sins and rebellion against the Most High and He will restore this country. Time is running out. Death is imminent for millions of people, where will you spend eternity?

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