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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

from Larry Lawson...setting the record straight....

"I had some time last night so I finally watched Chuck Youngbrandt's video which was made BEFORE Y2K. I listened carefully and he did NOT actually say that the earthquake he 'prophesied' in St. Louis would be the same year as the big hurricane to hit N.O. What he DID say was, the same year you saw the hurricane would be the SAME YEAR that four missiles (NUKES) would hit in the U.S. and hit four cities. The U.S. would respond and hit THREE cities in Russia. He said the St. Louis quake would be followed TWO YEARS LATER by a massive quake hitting the Chicago area and sending the great lakes water first north, then south destroying everything in its path INCLUDING N.O. again. A short period after this massive quake would be when Russian and Chinese forces NUKE the U.S. and INVADE! So here is Youngbrandt's prophecy for the record. IF we see FOUR cities NUKED THIS DECEMBER, we have a very sad series of events ahead."

So here we go..if the government even attempts to rebuild New Orleans whatever it is they do could just be destroyed in two years.

So the Chicago earthquake and St. Louis earthquakes are in 2 years and shortly after a Russian and Chinese invasion. So that's 2007 - 2008 folks.

What's next then according to Chuck Youngbrandt? The "accidental' nuking of 4 of our cities in December by the Russians.

I should just get his video...guess time will tell in December if we're on the course he's warned us of. I've seen the Russian nukings in the codes, I've seen the Chicago disaster in a vision last year,


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