The Watcher Files

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I received a word from the Most High to those who follow and lead the factions of what we refer to as the New World Order. This refers to all of them and those a part of them as followers or employees who do their work for them including but not limited to the government, military, secret societies, etc...


Whoa to those on earth who think they know Me and My times (laws of heaven).

Your wisdom is foolishness and vain.

The days are coming, and they are here even now when your astrologers will fail, you will not see your destruction(s) coming. You will plan one thing and receive another instead.

I laugh at your derision. I will not be mocked. What a man sows, he shall reap.

You think you know My times and laws, but you do not know Me. My servants will I give My wisdom to, those who know Me and fall before Me in humbleness, and purity, and who love Me.

Your code is broken, and Mine will prevail. I will give unto my Chosen Servants the Words of Life.

You are in utter derision and I have planned your steps. You will be cut off from the face of the earth and none can help you.

Your evil ways have been brought to the light. Your darkness has been seen by those I reveal it to.

My Chosen and Elect will stand against you with no mercy, yes the time will come.

My testing of mankind is not over yet, you have time to repent and turn from your wicked ways before your fate is sealed.

Many follow you to the pit of hell, and these I will extend My Spirit to. Turn while there is still time, from the wrong path of destruction and hell to Me and My righteousness.

Many who have their fate's sealed already laugh at your coming demise. Turn away from them while you still have time and come to Me.

My servant, My mouthpiece has been stood up to warn you, to plead with you. Your destruction comes soon. Heed My warning now.

Great wickedness will cover the earth, from one end to the other. Things mankind has never seen, destructions so great the world will beg for My mercy and not find it.

My people will stand. Many will be persecuted for My sake. I am with them and will repay your wickedness toward them.

Do not think your deeds will go unpunished. You have been blinded and led to the pit of hell where there is no forgiveness, no mercy, and will be no remembrance of you for eternity. There is no greatness without Me. Apart from Me, mankind is nothing. You are nothing in and of yourself.

There is no glory, honor, prestige or wealth in hell. Hell is a place of suffering where you will be remembered no more. Your records will follow you where you will be seen no more.

I, the Lord, have spoken through the prophet, be not dismayed, be wise and seek redemption in Me. Time will be cut short and you will be cut asunder where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Your gods cannot save you, they have led you to the pit and will watch you perish and laugh at your misery.

My Elect will obtain the Code and the Life of My Words and Defeat you. The battle will wage for My testing of mankind but those against Me will lose.

I have spoken.

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