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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Watch chaos and anarchy to erupt out of Texas...

If you watch the NWO owned and controlled CNN it has been serving more than one purpose throughout this whole government weather-weapon-induced Hurricane Katrina disaster. Sure it's a disaster with needless thousands of people dying because of the government's slow and purposefull lack of response. After all, suffering and death are highlights of the NWO and the boss they serve who thrives and feeds off it. In fact they all do who serve the dark agenda of the New World Order.

While they speak out of both sides of their mouths the public hasn't been fooled. Aid from across the country and around the world has been refused by our government while they claim they have things under control and are doing everything they can. They are doing too little, too late. Where were they 5 days ago when thousands of lives hanging in the balance could have been saved? They allowed them to die. They wanted them to die. High death tolls are what the NWO wants. That is why they are in the death and terrorism business. Don't be fooled, our government is well behind all of it while they blame others they set up as pigeons to take the fall. Al Queda is funded and run by the CIA. Hurricane Katrina was a hurricane controlled by HAARP to do exactly what it did. Bush was strumming guitars and golfing while Anacondi Rice was shoe shopping. Do you think they really cared what was going on in New Orleans? Don't fall for their TV appearance charades as they act all concerned, they could care less. And CNN will be sure to report and focus on the negative aspects of the entire disaster. Because they want the public angry, it serves their interests.

But back to my original statement. Watch for Texas to erupt. With hundreds of thousands of the evacuees being relocated to Texas it won't take long for the CIA to implement civil unrest, chaos and outright anarchy down there among the people. They want civil war and civil unrest in this country and they will implement it and get it started. Then it will erupt to the other states housing evacuees who have nothing to do but wait, and for what? Martial law. After all, what do the evacuees have to go back to?

Consider hundreds of thousands of these evacuees probably lived in government housing, or rented their homes to begin with. Renters or those living in government housing won't qualify for rebuilding aid. And consider those who do own homes in New Orleans who lost everything. All an insurance company has to do is ask, "policy number please?" What if most can't produce one because most of their belongings are under water or in various parts of the state by now.

Texas will eventually be under martial law to control the anarchy that's inevitable to happen and this will spread to the other states.

The south is going to be in complete and utter chaos.

And it's just beginning. Other NWO targeted areas are Charleston (South Carolina) (nuke attack), Boston (bio-chemical attack) and Chicago (earthquake and/or bio-chemical attack).

And Florida isn't safe either. HAARP will never be done with Florida until most of it is under water.

Start preparing now for alternative methods of staying warm if you should have no gas or electricity this winter. And it doesn't matter what state you live in or how safe you feel from an attack. It won't take much for a switch to be thrown and millions of people finding themselves out of electricity at the worst possible a freezing winter. The East Coast comes to mind, at least 11 states being out of electricity for extended periods of time. Could be this year, could be next, if you start preparing now at least you're covered and prepared.

I know I hear from alot of people who can't afford groceries next week who can't even begin to stock up on food and things they will need to be prepared for future disasters or shortages. That's pretty much how I've always been as well. But if you hit the dollar stores and buy 2 bottles or 2 cans of whatever when you only need 1 at the time, throw the other in storage. Stock up slowly if you have to, it adds up over time. It may seem futile at first, but keep at it. And don't forget basic medicines such as Tylenol, cold medicines and sore throat medicines.

Start making your lists and start stocking. Especially bullets. May be hard to buy in the near future so get those now. You don't want to be caught in the middle of an anarchy with no way of defending yourself and your family against looters and thieves.

Think ahead. Be prepared.

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