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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Would one of the Wideman's please contact me...would like to know if you are OK..I am praying for all three of you..

More disgust and outrage as the aftermath continues in Lousiana and Mississippi.

A must listen.. as the Mayor of New Orleans lashes out at the slow and unresponse of the Federal Government. It's now been 5 days and help is just starting to arrive there. Perhaps if George wasn't on a constant vacation this country might be experiencing some kind of leadership. George has logged more vacation hours than any other president in our history. But that doesn't say much, even when he's in the White House he apparently isn't much help.

If you contact the White House with your outrage at their incompetence you will get an autoresponder message stating how they are doing everything possible for the victims of the hurricane, I responded, "oh really? How about sending 278 million cases of bullshit protectors to the citizens of New Orleans and everyone else! Whoever wrote your autoresponder message is more competent than Bush is!"

And in case you missed it, when George was in Idaho giving a speech at the VFW there was a man in the audience with flaps over his ears with the text "bullshit protectors" written on them, sending George in a rage backstage. I think it should be a new fashion statement.

My heart and prayers go out to all the victims of this hurricane damage. For those in these areas who asked for our prayers...America is praying. Many of us. May the Lord heal and provide and lead you to safety.

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