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Monday, September 26, 2005

The last couple of weeks people have been sending in confirmations of things I've said or have been saying over the years and so I've decided to start saving them.

It's never meant much to me to have to 'prove' myself to others, when if they were Yah's they could just ask Him about me, and if they can't, then they're not His to begin with or where they should be in their walk with Him to where they can.

UFOs over Washington...see the pics and read the article..notice the's the same things I have been finding in the Bible codes about UFOs in Capital Hill on July 4..these are 2002, 2003 and 2005...the same years I was warning about them..

The codes were right..I was right..

Also, recently I posted a 'view' about the aliens being the ones guiding the haarpicanes..

Apparently these people get attacked when they try to..

They have an interesting view on aliens vs. our government..not that I agree with the entire site but interesting we'd both be saying the same things about the aliens vs. hurricanes and aliens vs. our government.

They talk about the Vulcans and Reptilians. I've never talked about the Vulcans too much although I know they have a huge underground base near our military base in Kentucky near Fort Campbell, there's more/less a joint human-military/alien base underground there.

I don't try to stay boxed in on any one particular view, I just expose the ones/cards/agendas I see playing at any time.

Why do I always refer to it as cards? Because it's a game with them. Card game, chess game, agendas working against each other, all the same to me.

I see now other Bible decoders are finally seeing what I've been saying all along about Bush.

Like I've always said, when the BS falls I'll still be standing.


Because it's what I've said..I am a Messenger of the Most High God's here in these last days to be His Mouthpiece and lead His people back to Him.

Wait until the real fun starts and groups of His people get to go to battle against the wickedness in high and low places and preach His redemption and Salvation to the perishing.

Many of His people will never experience or see how He truly works because they are fearful unbelieving cowards who talk the talk but never walk the walk! Or they are so stuck on church mind control and conditioning they never let HIM lead them.

He truly is the Lord of the remnant. And it's a small one.

How many of the brethren come up against me every time I try to reveal or expose how things really are or what is really going on? Most of them. Most of those who call Him by His Name..and they are not the remnant they think they are or they would recognize the things I say are from Him.

I can remember a while ago I told the Lord in frustration, "you can keep your people I'm tired of them" and expecting to be chastised for it, I got what I didnt' expect, He said to me, "What makes you think they are MY people?"

And so the battles go on. Between those who have woke up and those who refuse to. Between those who seek Him in all things for truth and wisdom and those who already claim to have it and don't...and that folks, is the majority of believers out there.

As for the unbelievers, I always know who they are. And they come to me and pose as friends or supporters and I play the games because Yah lets me for one reason or another.

As for His true people. I love them the most. You can recognize His Spirit in them, His true Spirit and not that false religious spirit most of the brethren have and where they think they're so religious and Godly, when most are deceived and in errors and He allows them to be in error because they dont' seek Him for the truth, they want their head knowledge and own wisdom instead of His. I refuse to get in scriptures wars with people because that's the end all right there and tells you everything you need to know about their walk with God. If they're pulling out the KJV to prove their point it's because they can't ask Him direct for His.

And anything He says will never contradict His Word.

His Word are things He has said. How many people refer to His Word as the KJV when 2000 years ago when He proclaimed the Gospel and His truth they didn't have the KJV??

His Gospel is His message of salvation and redemption. Not the KJV.

Seek Him for understanding.

Ask Him to reveal the truth in all things to you.

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