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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Have you ever noticed how most of those who claim to be believers in the Most High just sweep Matthew 25:30 completely out the window?

If you will notice, the whole chapter of Matthew 25 is dealing with parables and the Lord describing the last days. In Matthew 25:30 He says, "And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

Jesus/Yahushua calls this person an "unprofitable servant." A servant is one who serves their Master. In this case, the servant is unprofitable, doing nothing for the Master. The Master rejects the servant and casts him away, in this instance, "into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth."

Can you be "once saved always saved?" If you listen to the doctrines of many churches, yes. If you read the words of Jesus, No.

If you claim to be one of His, and you are unprofitable to Him, He will cast you aside to the same punishment waiting for those who reject(ed) Him.

How many believers today do nothing for the kingdom of God and everything possible against it?

They say they love the Lord and yet attack His people. Their fruits are anger, bitterness, hatred, strife, and division. Instead of focusing on what they can do to build the Lord's kingdom and unite with His fellow believers and followers they cause one division after the next. They spend all their time obsessed with attacking people who don't believe what they do instead of being a witness of the Most High and winning converts to His Kingdom.

We are suppose to be soul winners. Building His Kingdom, strengthening the brethren, teaching, guiding, leading, learning, whatever area He appoints us for. Those are the things that are profitable to Him. We are to show love, not hate. We are to be in His peace, not anger. We are to be filled with His Spirit, not the devil's.

Are you building His Kingdom or coming against it? When you come against any one of His children you are coming against Him. And that's a very serious thing. Especially when it is of hatred and to destroy.

If He leads you to confront someone then you better be sure it's from HIM and not out of your own ego. That's where most of the hate amongst the brethren comes from today..their egos.

There's been many times the Lord has had me stand up and confront something or say something to someone and then walk away and leave it in His hands.

How many come up against you and can't walk away? They attack, attack and attack, because what they are doing stems from their pride and egos and not from HIM. That's why they can't walk away. Satan has them wrapped up in bitterness, anger, and hate and he's going to keep what he has going so the person self-destructs in his or her own faith and becomes more like him than the Lord.

We don't have the leadership today they had with the Apostles. The apostles would meet and discuss differences and settle problems within the churches over doctrines. Today it's rampant with "I am right and you are wrong, so there!" How many just tell you to seek the Lord for the truth Himself instead of relying on your own knowledge or someone elses?

If you don't agree with someone, agree to disagree. Walk away. Seek the Lord for the truth in all things. Never count on what you read or what you think you know. Ask HIM for the truth in all things so He can teach you Himself and lead you to the truth.

How are you going to learn to hear His voice if you're never seeking Him?

What have you done for the Lord today to help build His kingdom?

Are you a profitable or unprofitable servant?

Alot of people need to get off the couches and stop the arm-chair quarterbacking and concern themselves with...themselves...and what they are supposed to be doing for the Lord.

There's not much time left, and the time we do have left isn't going to be filled with happy times.

Profitable...Unprofitable...something to think about...

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