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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Good morning America. It's the New World Order

Martial law is coming.

If it can't be any clearer to the doubters and sleepers then so be it.

For years the Lord's people and the patriots of this country have been warning of the coming martial law under the New World Order. The camps, the persecutions, the suffering and dying. And we have been scoffed at, called conspiracy freaks, fear mongerers, false prophets, and apostates.

Good morning America. It's the New World Order.

There's no rapture coming this September so you can imagine trying to wake up a rapture-hyped mass of believers to warn them to prepare for the coming hardships instead of waiting for a free ride out of it.

How long will they cling to their false hopes of delusion and ignore the commands of the Most High to seek Him and prepare for the things that are coming. They've been so conditioned to ignore reality that they are the very ones who are going to be blindsided by it.

No, they are not cultists. They are our brethren. And I am not an accuser of the brethren I am trying to help them see this isn't the time to go to sleep but to stand up. I love them.

There could be another devestating hurricane worse than Rita and Katrina at the end of September and another toward the end of October. By December this entire country could be under a 'national emergency' martial law. If not sooner.

As I said, with each coming disaster the victims of the previous disasters will be less and less mentioned. The ones locked up in FEMA camps that aren't allowed to leave, remember those?

And what will happen to them when these camps need filled up with yet more survivors of the coming catasrophies?

Has anyone noticed any white trains running yet? The government calls them auto carriers. If you see one let me know.

When they start rolling out these trains..that is it folks...Time to jump into action and take out the tracks they're riding on and free the people locked up in shackles inside these "auto carriers."

Here's a pic...

It's not time to give up, it's Time to do "exploits." Those with ears can hear.

Don't give up. Don't give in. Protect and defend yourself and your families.

We are not to be victims, but the Lord for His Wisdom and Guidance.

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