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Sunday, September 18, 2005

I just posted my latest article, The Second Coming of Christ at

I didn't get into the Millennial Reign aspect of it. I'm saving that for perhaps, next. I don't know.

For some, the Millennial Reign isn't literal, but "now" or taken in a spiritual context rather than a reality yet to come.

I've pondered the different viewpoints for years. Being a literalist makes it rather difficult to disregard so many Scriptures that point to it as a literal time and reign on earth.

So I'm waiting to see what the Lord shows me about it Himself.

When the Lord was on the earth He spoke in parables. He gave us literal and figurative examples to teach us spiritual concepts.

Is prophecy any different? It's quite the mixture of literal and spiritual. The confusion comes in the interpretation and trying to figure out what was meant, or the real intent, the real meaning, or perhaps uncovering the hidden meaning.

It doesn't take much of a genius to study on your own then declare you know it all and blab to anyone who will listen you know exactly what's going to happen and how. Been there and done that. I have learned that without Him we dont' know anything that we think we do. So I often have to step back and just wait for Him to reveal something to me to where I understand it from His point of view and not my own. And that takes time, patience, and obviously His guidance and direction. Not to mention in His timing.

I don't have all the answers, I just keep praying and seeking Him for those.

What gets my gord is all those who declare that I think I do because I won't listen to their opinions or change mine to suit theirs. That's basically what it is. Because I do read the things other people have to say...but because I won't jump on their bandwagon and adopt their opinions and views I'm all of a sudden an "intolerant know it all" who thinks I'm right all the time.

I know what I know from Him. There's plenty I don't. But why would I adopt 'man's views and opinions" on things after spending years encouraging others to seek the Lord Himself for the truth in all things? Are we to disregard Him to make man feel better? I think not. I know not.

And because people can't agree to disagree they then jump on the bandwagons to personally insult and attack those who don't agree with them or see things the way they do. And this isn't the unbelievers, but the believers themselves.

I really don't care if people agree with the things I write or say, or not. I do what the Lord leads me to do, the rest in His hands and for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

And I'm not deceived. I know that most of the attackers of the brethren who cause fights and divisions amongst the brethren aren't really brethren at all, but agents working to keep disruption going amongst the brethren.

They pose as believers and then aggravate, agitate, and keep anger, bitterness, hatred and bickering going on a constant level. Because they don't know peace. They can't stand peace. They dont' have the love of the Father because they dont' even understand what that is. Yet they act like they do. It's a game with them. Most reveal themselves for what they are because they can't keep their lies straight or it's obvious they twist the truth to keep bantering going. Recognize these for what they are and don't associate with them.

A true follower of Yah's is not out to war against the brethren but to make peace. Indifferences? Arguments? Put them in Yah's hands and move on. That's certainly not something Satan can stand. So it's obvious exactly "who or what" is dominating someone.

Be at peace. Seek peace. Make peace with the brethren. Our war is not against each other, but against the evil and wickedness of the world itself.

Learn to just put things in Yah's hands and move on. Seek to fulfill your calling in Him. Ask Him to lead you into what that is and do it. I used to just ask Him all the time, "help me to fulfill your calling for me." And I would just find myself in one thing or another, not realizing I was doing what He wanted me to do all along, and that's how He works, He just leads you into it. If you have a nagging feeling all the time to do something in particular, then do it. That's one of the ways He works, He'll just keep bringing something to your mind to do..over and over...if you don't heed it He'll just keep bringing it back to your thoughts.

He works in many ways. Learn to recognize them.

Yah bless His Saints,

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