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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Coming Oil Crises....this is something the Lord has been hitting my spirit with the past few days. It actually started last week and then just resumed again this week after a few days of silence. So I know He's trying to get my attention.

Like I said, gotta love the monkey wrenches. If it is indeed one, they may know, probably do, certainly seems crazy for them to go along with it and make it worse by purposely taking out our oil refineries in Louisianna and Houston...

The earth is running out of oil.

Imagine transportation coming to a complete halt in this country. I mean just imagine it. No one can drive their vehicles because there's no more gas. Which means trucks can't deliver goods to the stores, people can't get to work, the stores are empty, and chaos erupts everywhere.

I'm not just talking about outrageously high gas prices, which we will deal with for a while, but a complete blackout of oil/gasoline altogether because there just isn't any more.

As I sat pondering over this today the Lord hit my spirit with the part of Scripture about the Chinese heading toward Jerusalem to take on the Antichrist and attempt to kick him out of there and dethrone his global rule. They are described as going up the dry bed of the Euphrates River on horses. Wonder why horses? Because there's no fuel for all of their military vehicles.

Apparently the Antichrist will have access to some, he gathers the world's armies to Jerusalem to help him fight against the advancing Chinese army. But the King of the East doesn't seem to have any.

Lately I've been reading about the Arabs drilling in new places trying to find additional oil wells. I think the crises is much more imminent then they are letting on. Experts estimate an oil crises in 30 years or so, I don't give it 3.

So what's their plan? To destroy American oil refineries making us dependent on foreign oil to justify increasing the prices to perhaps, $7, $10 a gallon so the rich can keep getting richer and the poor take to the streets in riots giving them the reason they're looking for to implement martial law across this country? Seems to be.

Only the oil starts to run won't matter how many countries the Commander in Sleep overtakes and conquers for their oil, they're going to run out of it. So apparently he isn't as aware of coming events as he thinks he is.

No one is going to have any oil. Pandemonium in the nations. Massive starvation, death, chaos, mayhem, martial law and destruction.

And then Israel strikes it rich. Israel finds a huge horde of it on their land.

And everyone is going to want it. Especially the Chinese. And this folks, sparks the Battle of Armageddon.

You know what I think. I think the idiots of the NWO here in America aren't thinking twice of destroying our oil refineries with their HAARP because they have a two-fold plan going, one, to conquer and control everyone elses whereby two, they can sacrifice America's to put the population under martial law and implement their agenda from hell here.

So that's why they're not too worried. Only they're going to find that the other countries they planned on controlling are going to run out of oil themselves, and soon.

They have been played on their own chessboard.

At this point their logic of "those with the most gold get to rule" won't make a bit of difference. Because those who can travel will....

Which brings me to another thought..what if it's not HAARP creating and directing these hurricanes but the aliens themselves.

They know how dependant man is on oil. If they destroy our refineries and prohibit access to them around the world, it would bring the economies and earthly societies to a complete halt, causing massive chaos...

And then here they come...

Completely taking over the earth...

Holding mankind hostage to their demands.

Notice how vacant the Squatter House has been over the past few months? Are they on vacation or just on the run because they know the Aliens are behind the hurricanes to destroy our refineries and they know that these Aliens are going to make good on their threats and are coming soon to take over?

Makes me go hmmm...which agenda is playing the cards right now, the NWO or the Aliens. Guess we'll find out.

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