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Monday, September 19, 2005

Well it just never ends, in fact the more I keep going the more evidence that keeps popping up that I'm not so crazy after all.

Sometimes I would just prefer to be crazy..and left alone..but see that's the difference..when you're just crazy they do leave you alone, when you're onto something, or you have the truth of something they target you to harass you and put you under surveillance to intimidate you. And oh yes, we can see how effectively that works. LOL!

Anyway, I was sent an email recently from someone who is putting up a website to expose our government's deep involvement in studying dead people.

In fact, the government has a research lab called the Dulce Base, Lab 257 at Plum Island where they spend millions each year on NecroBiology (the study of dead cells).

You're probably thinking there's a medical reason for that or something..that they're in the best interest of humanity looking for ways to cure something or someone. That's optimism. But I've been around this dark agenda stuff long enough to know that optimism when it comes to our government is just denial of everything they are and what they are really doing.

The Lizards dominate the humans in our government. They possess them. They control them. The Lizards are a fallen angel race, AKA aliens, called Reptilians. So imagine the Reptilians who have their hands all over our money just doling it out as they want, and especially toward research on how to make a dead human alive again. Or how they can take a dead human's body and make it come back to life again so they can completely possess it even if the soul has long left that body.

And they're doing it.

This is what drives Zombeism. I have no idea how you would spell that.

People wonder how our government, in particular the Cheney Administration with Bush as it's puppet could be so callous and uncaring about people dying and suffering...because they like it. As I've said, they're possessed by Aliens...cannibalistic ones at that who have no emotions or love, or sympathy toward anyone or anything but themselves. They hate humans. And they don't understand human emotions such as love, pity, sympathy. So don't expect much more out of the Cheney Administration. They are simply incapable of showing humanity because it left the stage a long time ago for them.


And would the people who always have something to say about my .... get over it. In broadcast writing dots such as ..... means to pause. I write in broadcast style since I was in broadcasting for many stop giving me your lectures on proper English ellipses. I don't care.

The world's facing many serious disasters and the only thing on some peoples minds is proper English etiquette. Get over it..I'm not perfect..I can't even speak proper English and I'll write it how I want to. So there!


Well today is the 19th..will Chuck Youngbrandt hit the nail on the head with an earthquake in St. Louis?

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