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Monday, January 01, 2007



I have known for a while now that 2007 will be a rough year for many. It's like a deep forboding feeling and ache that wasn't going away. And it doesn't help when the Lord confirms that this year will be one of suffering and torment for many. But that's the way it's going to be.

Every year I bring in the year with Yah and He gives me a word for the year ahead. It's always been our time and I've always looked forward to it.

I'm not going to post everything He revealed to me but I will post most of it. I'm simply taking out some of the things He said personally towards me and in regards to me and I'll reveal the rest.

What the Lord revealed to me in regards to 2007.

"It is almost time for another new year, last year everything I told you would come to pass, came to pass. You are the one I speak to child and the others are under severe delusion, most of those who call Me by My Name, and some (names) that aren't (mine), are under delusion.

My child I have stood you up to speak to the nations and lead My people to war against Satan and his kingdom. His kingdom is ready to rise and many things will happen this year that will be as a result of judgment on them, but they will continue with their wicked ways and plans.

I have led many people to you to open your eyes and help you see the world as it really is..some are mine, some weren't, but I have opened your eyes so you can see the full picture of what envelopes and covers this world and how the wicked operate throughout it.

I have shown you many, many things and have opened doors for you to enter and see through.
I told you 2006 was another year to prepare, 2007 will be much worse, moreso than most have ever seen or would expect.

I know you expect this, it is I leading your thoughts and guiding you child. There will be much suffering and death. Their timetable is not mine, and they will be in derision as they will have to speed up their plans as I force My hand upon them.

Don't pity their demise, they are all evil and partake at Satan's table with him. I will destroy them and bring down their kingdoms on earth, money, entertainment, sorceries, witchcrafts, the banking and economies, people everywhere will begin to see a shaking of my anger and judgment over their countries and nations..even those who think they are My own will fail to see My hand in it, but blame others.

A year of suffering and torment for many people child.

I have molded and shaped you into a soldier for Me child, and you persistently seek Me on it, there are so few like you child, I have told you many times that and I mean it. Many are trying to get in to tear you down child and I know you are hesitant about all of them, I will give you peace for those who are of Me and for those who are not you will not have peace.

...Martial Law is coming to selected areas throughout the country, it is a beginning of what they have planned to begin in full force later. A year of famine will begin and get much worse as time goes on.

Do as I lead, I am sending many to you to help in the war against evil. I will bring you to the throne in 2007 and teach you directly Myself what is to come. I know you are exhausted child and time is short, which is why I will come to you Myself. I have withdrawn My presence over the past several weeks, and you quickly noticed that. It is My way of continuing to teach you child what is Me and what isn't. You have done well child, in all the areas I have led you and taught you. We are one child..and you are an extension of Me as I move through My people to lead and teach them.

The weather will be a destructive force this year, rainy, hot and barren, much destruction caused through Satan's war on mankind and it will escalate and get worse. Civil war will break out in many areas and troops will be moved everywhere to begin to take control of the masses.

Many will be led to their deaths through hunger, plagues, famine, sickness and disease. the locusts are coming child, and those who are preparing their way are not expecting what you have in store for them, it will be quite funny for us all child to watch their embarrassment and demise. You and My others have worked hard for this and it will be rewarding child.

Your strength and your faith in Me has been rewarding and a strength to many others have helped many..

For many my warnings to prepare will be too late for them because they didn't listen. for others My hand is still upon them..

As I taught you over the past year, there is great joy in tribulation, I showed you that to teach you many things child, for many in the times that are coming their tribulations will lead to their deaths because they never walked in Me child..

The time is coming when the warning and talking and ministering is over and the events just begin and are happening and there's nothing left to do but to teach them to look to ME for their salvation and hope because there is nothing else child, and for many, they will have nothing left to keep them from Me.

A time of tribulation and woe for many child, but My mercy and grace will reach out to many of them so they don't die lost without Me.

As hell expands the earth will tremble in fear...many of the disasters caused child are not from the outside of the earth but from the inside, and they don't and won't tell the people this because they don't want them to fear, but it is the very reason they seek to expand into space and get off of the earth child because they know it is a matter of time when earth will completely self destruct within itself, from inside the earth to the outside.

As Satan's presence dominates earth the earth will rebel, the closer he gets to power, the more destruction,

I love you child, fear not at the coming events, you have been told about all that will come to pass child that you need to know for now, My hand is upon all things and I will be alongside you child when things begin to pass....

I know your heart aches for the many who will die in the coming year, My spirit will draw mine to Me child and they can accept Me or reject Me. And I will send My own to many others to hear of Me and accept Me child. I know they are fighting against you with mental assaults and mind attacks but know I am with you child and right beside you and don't fret to come to Me child, I don't hold you accountable for their attacks against you. I love you and I know they cannot win against you child..we are One, and they seek to destroy that but they can't, what's done is done and sealed. You are sealed in me child and they will soon learn that themselves and see their own destruction they were trying hard to prevent.

I will continue to teach you child and open your eyes..know this child that you are sealed in Me and soon will be sealed to lead my army visibly before all. I love you.

Yes child millions will die this year, life is changing as the world knew it, their lives were not as they thought they were, I am shaking things up..I warned them and now My anger is against many.

The time is now child for many things to come to the front. I am forcing their hand, I am ready and I'm confident in you child to fulfill what it is you are to finish. I have prepared you child. I know you are confident and unwavering in Me. I know the end child, stay in me and it will be finished."

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