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Monday, December 11, 2006

Get Out of Religion

People often send me a link to go read someone's vision, word, or about someone's dream, or prophecies, or whatever and they ask me what my opinion is on it. Mind you they don't want to really know the truth, or simply dread hearing it because they simply want to be reinforced in their own thinking that that person is credible and hearing from the Lord and so they then have a 'credible' source with someone they can learn from.

And almost 100% of these websites, ministries, forums, visions, dreams, prophecies etc.. are from the Pentecostal crowd.

I used to tolerate that crowd hoping that there was a 1% that actually was hearing from the Lord and I was being too hard and brash with my discernment against them all. But how can discernment be to hard or brash? You either have it or you don't and it is what it is. It's not whether something is true or not that becomes the issue moreso than, "well that's a really nice person" "that person really loves the Lord" becomes seen as more of a personal attack against that person or ministry than just discernment itself on the particular thing whether it's of Yah or not, or the truth or not.

Yes a lot of them have a real love for the Lord, the problem is they don't have a love for the truth. Even the Lord separates the two types of believers...those who have a love for the truth and those who don't. You can give Him all the lip service you want but that doesn't mean you're not being deceived by Satan. And that's the problem with so many of the Pentecostals, they've fallen in love with aesthetics "I feel the Lord's presence" and not the truth. Especially when it comes to they feel a presence but it's not the Lord's, they absolutely don't want to hear it because they feel warm and fuzzy, they feel enlightened they feel Satan's angelic mimmickry of the Holy Spirit and won't even consider it's Satan and not God.

Been there done that.

I was involved with the whole Pentecostal thing for a year or two before the Lord pulled me out of it. It wasn't because I had a love for the Lord, it was because I specifically started to pray for the truth in "all" things and that's when He pulled me out of it. If people are involved and engaged in deceptions He's not going to stop them. He won't stop anyone from diving into errors or apostasies, not until or unless they start seeking Him for the TRUTH and THEN HE will lead them to the truth and OUT of the deceptions they are in.

Satan's generals are having a field day with that entire denomination. The 'angel' Gabriel is probably one of their biggest laughs and deceptions and these believers fall for this Gabriel constantly.

And if you read what they write that the "Lord" told them, it's not from HIM. You can tell by the very verbage used it's not HIM and those reading it never see it because they can't hear the Lord themselves to know what is or isn't of HIM. The Lord never speaks or refers to Himself in second or third person! That's the biggest giveaway that something you're reading is hogwash and deception. He never refers to Himself as "the Son" or "the Holy Spirit" He says My Son, or MY Holy Spirit. Simple word usage alone reveals it for what it is, channeled garbage from demons or Satan's generals.

When the Lord told me several years ago I would teach His prophets and pastors/shepherds I was like, "me??" I mean who am I compared to all those who have built huge ministries, write tons of books, create videos, and so on...I was and am 'nothing' compared to any of that or them and after having dealt with many of them over the years I've learned for myself that it doesn't come down to how great you think you are, or how great others think you are, it comes down to just knowing who the Lord is. And most of them have no real idea. Most of them are just copying someone else, or someone elses ministry, and setting themselves up as teachers of the Lord's and they don't even have a real relationship with HIM. They're all in deceptions. They share the same spirits of deception. Satan will accommodate them all, I've never known him to have a shortage of demons unavailable to deceive Christians. None have ever taken the time to sit at HIS feet and learn who and what He is from Him Himself before they decided to launch a ministry. Now they're just leading all the people who follow them into the same errors they're in. The Prophet Jeremiah described them perfectly when he said these types of believers all share the same prophecies, visions, dreams, and therefore share the same deceptions and demons that are deceiving them all. They share Satan not God!

It's an endless cycle.

I get sick of hearing people proclaim the churches are the Lord's, because He detests them. How many prophecies have I read that proclaim Him saying "My church" or whatever, hogwash.

How can the "church" be His bride when He pulls His bride out of them!

His bride is not a church or a religious affiliation or denomination. That's religion. Sure, some of His bride attend churches that ARE of HIM or do seek HIM, but that's rare. And it's those small churches that would be MEGA churches if the people would wake up! But the people won't...and these pastors who truly love Him and are led by Him will always be the minority out of the majority that claim they do.

I wrote an article on Speaking in Tongues a couple of years ago that I'm going to repost again.

Get out of religion folks...and into HIM.

Strange Tongue
by Sherry Shriner

I was seeking the Lord on the whole issue of speaking in tongues because although it was an area I didn't even want to deal with, I had been asked to seek Him on it. As He spoke to me I just casually jotted down notes of what He was saying and I will list those here. Then He gave me a more formal word on it and I have that also. Again, this is an area I didn't even want to go into because years ago I had gone into it and He led me out of it. And those who are in it, are adamant of their beliefs in it. To me it was like, "great, more enemies." But the Lord knows I will do as He asks even though I don't want to. My life is His. I serve the King. If you don't like what He reveals below don't come to me about it, rather, seek HIM for the truth and as He says, He will reveal it to you Himself.

I wrote this down as He spoke to me:

-Speaking in tongue is a demonic manifestation of the ghost of the spirit, not MY Holy Ghost.

- The cloven tongues of fire (Acts) was a mimickry of the tongues of fire I used in Egypt.

- The Scriptures were manipulated, watered down, then misunderstood. I do not speak in strange tongue to My people. I speak so they can understand Me and My Words. I do not know their strange tongue, it comes from within their own spirit, it is not of Me but of witchcraft and guile.

- I don't require a strange language to speak to Me. In their own foolishness they bring forth words against Me to mock and defile their own spirits.

- Meditate on and in Me does not require a prayer language concocted and conceived by the treacherous to blaspheme Me.

- Great delusion is upon those who seek after 'signs' other than Me. Did I not say a foolish generation would seek after signs? This manifestation is their "sign" that they have reached My throne room but I say unto you no one has been to My throne room and seen Me. Delusion is guile and they call upon the devil in their strange tongue and chants and who serve a false angel of light and of My righteousness. Do not be deceived. I am not mocked. But I am patient for them to come to Me and seek the truth as it is in Me.

His Word to me:

"My child, I have given you much knowledge. Those who will listen will find life. There's truth in freedom, when they set themselves free of deception, they will find truth in Me.

Hallowed by MY Name, MY Kingdom come, MY will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Yet many call upon another Name and are living in torment and deception. The false light gives them largeness of life, grandiose appearances and deceptions and they discern not that it is not of Me.

They will scorn you and rebuke you, they will mock you and degrade you. Stand tall my child. It is Me they scorn and rebuke. It is Me they mock and degrade. You are My mouthpiece and have been appointed even before your time to walk and serve Me in these days.

Does not My Word say to test the spirits? They refuse to accept My warning and they carry on in their delusions. Tell them to repent! To repent for not listening to My words and for following after man's. Listen to the Prophets of the Beast as they "call unto Me" in their strange tongue yet it is not I who answers it. They serve their father the devil. And now how is this strange tongue different than what My own people speak? Curses and vanity comes from their lips and they think they are worshipping Me.

Did not I teach this to you years ago? To stop cursing My Name? Yes, child, because you sought My heart and I revealed it to you. Now tell them! Do not hide or keep this from the hearers because I know you want to. I love you child, and I know your heart. And I know you are burdened by yet even more enemies in My camp that will arise against you.

They will call you false because they want to cling to their own deceptions. Tell them to seek My heart for truth and I will reveal it to them. And I WILL reveal it to them. If they seek Me they won't have a leg to stand on to persecute you. For you are My mouthpiece and messenger.

Stand against the giants daughter, stand against those who mock you because they will see you standing beside Me in glory and they will know that you are of Me. Whoa! To those who refuse to hear or seek Me and come against you. Whoa! I will be your strength. Let them come against ME and do not fret child, do not fret. I am with you and they will know this.

The day of visitation is coming. The day of invitation when I will invite My Bride to share in My Glory.

Many will be left behind because guile has been found among and within them. Tell them to repent or be left behind. And when they are left, the time to repent is still open for them. They must be found without guile to share in My Kingdom or they will be tested as martyrs.

Do you see in the Scriptures that those martyrs for My Name are without number? Does not My book say that white robes are given to those who come out of great persecution? What is termed as tribulation? Watered down, My Word has been watered down so the people cannot understand the simple truths. They need to Seek Me.

When I speak to My children their own ghost spirit arises to counter and mimmick Me. Tell them to put to death the works of the flesh. To rebuke the flesh and strive only with Me daily.

I do not speak in strange tongue. And their spirits are speaking strangeness to Me. Tell them.

Be not afraid, whatever a man sows, that is what he reaps. If they sow unto Me it will be eternal. If they sow unto the flesh, it will lead to destruction. Tell Them!

Stay in Me and reveal My Words to the world. I will lead them to you. I will see and know who comes against My servant and I will deal with them. I know your weary of the attacks and maliciousness from your brethren, but I tell you this, MY people have ears to hear and those who don't are Not MY Bride. Tell them to come to ME and enquire of this strange tongue and I Myself will reveal it to them.

I love you child, be faithful in Me and don't fret. I am the Lord your God whom you serve and whom has reserved much glory and abundance in My Kingdom for you.

Tell them!

Thus saith the Lord your God.

Yah bless His Warriors

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