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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Morgellons and Chip Implants

The same fibers found in people who have Morgellons are the same fibers found in chip implants.

If you scroll through this and look at the pictures and then look at the pictures at you will see for yourself they are the exact same fibers.

It confirms what I said months ago that Morgellons is an Alien plague.

And what is our government doing about it? Helping to spread it of course! I was reading last week that they are spraying our deli meats with the same chemicals that cause Morgellons. Naturally the FDA is behind it.

The FDA has been working in cohoots with the Alien agenda for years. I have an article at the Watcher Files site that displays the alien symbols being put on our foods. You've probably seen the different colored circles and other types of symbols displayed on food packaging..if you haven't noticed then take a look at the tops of cereal boxes, on potato chip bags etc..

I revealed what the Bible Codes said about Morgellons several months ago. It is being spread through vaccinations. But it is also being spread through chemtrails and chemicals being put on our food.

Plagues and diseases are going to kill just over 2 billion people in the last days, 1/3 of mankind. These are plagues and diseases created by the fallen angels most call "Aliens' in cohoots with their own and Satan's offspring on earth..the Serpent Seedline.

They want to wipe out mankind off the earth so they can have it for themselves. The Bible refers to their short attempt to destroy and rule over earth as the Tribulation Period...what they dread is "The Time of Jacob's Trouble"...the last half of the tribulation period when God rains down His wrath on them and all those who follow them and "just go along."

The Most High will destroy them all. The humans stupid enough to welcome them and their agendas on earth will be destroyed as well. The Bible says the majority of mankind is deceived by Lucifer and his 'aliens.' The Majority. Which means most of those who are even reading this probably won't believe a word I'm saying to warn them. If the majority is deceived then that means the majority won't listen to the truth or accept it.

The Lord's real people are a true minority. Most of Christiandumb will accept the beast as Jesus...their beast prophet leaders will be working hard to deceive their churches into believing the lies and falsehoods coming.

And even yet, many will just join the beast's kingdom because they're hungry. Food will be a huge bribe most will fall for, people will trade their souls for bread. An ingenious strategy of the beast(s) to arrive during a famine.

The USA has never experienced a famine, especially one that would kill millions of it's own people with starvation. But it's coming. Hardships are coming to America and it is the whore churches who will be judged first and brought to condemnation, imprisonment and murder and the Lord will allow it because they don't have a love for the truth but follow errors, lies, deceptions, adulterers and idolaters.

As they preach revival and hundredfold blessings their destruction will rain down on their heads. That's how stupid they all are.

You can't tell them any different...

The "Jesus" of the churches is the "Beast."

Paul came out and told them he was "preaching another Gospel and another Jesus' but they don't even believe Paul himself yet anyone else who tries to tell them that or point it out to them in Paul's own writings! They're so mind controlled they choose to remain that way. They don't have a love for the truth...they won't ask the Lord Himself about Paul and this "Jesus" that dominates Christianity today.

As they wait for their rapture, their death will come.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sherry Shriner, I personally believe it is better not to slander or malign any believer in the Lord Jesus Christ or any unbeliever-soon to be a believer or anyone else at all or their beliefs. I base these views on my careful study of Scripture and the love among believers demonstrated. Please do not disregard anyone. Please read Romans chapter 3 verses 21 - 31.
As a believer and a morgellons sufferer I am in turmoil.
I have many ideas about this disease but no definitive answers yet.
kind regards

Unknown said...

You are one of the few... With prayer, faith and suffering with this disease myself, I have come to the same conclusion! The Most High and spreading the real truth is all we have to fighting this no bio-warfare! Many blessings Sister!