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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The End of America

Hundreds of thousands without electric in the east, barraging snowstorms in the west, and people often ask me where the safest place to live is.

I often wondered that myself but I've seen the picture of the end for America and I'm real hesitant to say or write a thing about it, but I feel led to, so those with ears can see what's ahead and the naysayers can stick their heads back in the sand...I don't care what they do.

As I've said there's much destruction ahead. Natural disasters, man-made disasters, wars, famine, plagues, diseases...the destruction of America so the NWO can rise. It is the last part of their plan and they've already been working on it for years to destroy America. The secret societies who run our government work in cohoots with Lucifer and his plan of a New World Order. President Bush and former president Clinton and the last umpteen presidents have also been aligned with this end goal of destroying America so the NWO could rise. Acting as patriotic Americans these scoundral and scandalous politicians that have dominated Washington DC the past 30 years have all been working on a master blueprint together on building and establishing the NWO. It shouldn't surprise you that the destruction of America itself is the last part of their plan. And they themselves may be in for a big surprise because Yah is going to see to it that America is indeed destroyed. Perhaps not the utter and complete destruction the Satanists had in mind, but that's exactly what's going to happen.

The Satanists who run our government and federal agencies and the unwitting pawns who carry out their plans are all part of the plan to bring America under control of Lucifer himself. The plan is to divide America up into 10 regions, and another calls for the total alignment of all of North America together as one region. Eventually the strife and civil war this causes amongst the patriotic Americans and the coming weather disasters will lead to martial law and the imprisonment and death of millions of Americans and Christians. They will be gathered up and ultimately taken to their final destination of death by incineration and beheadings. The plan for now is that these people will be incinerated and so our government has built underground incineration facilities to haul people to them via trains they have built with shackles in them as human carriers to the incinerators. Many of the coming weather disasters are man-made for the very purpose of causing death and destruction and the implementation of martial law. I think the reason this plan of incineration will eventually be pushed aside and switched to beheadings is because they will need the bodies of the murdered people to eat to survive on. By this time the coming famine will be bad throughout the country and the world...and humans will become food.

This gross abomination of eating the flesh of humans and the slaughter of Yehovah's people will bring the final and complete wrath of Yehovah onto America.

Tens of millions of Americans will be killed and die in the coming destructions and the war to exterminate the Saints of Yehovah.

It won't be the same country that it once was, the Satanists who rule behind the scenes won't be hiding who they are anymore...Obama, George, Hillary, they're all snakes from hell who worship THE SNAKE.

Once the martial law starts here it will never stop, the population extermination program will begin on a broader and more bold scale. They had some practice with New Orleans because there's still thousands of adults missing who were taken off on buses....never to be heard from again and the media blackout on what really goes on continues. And there's not much of a blimp in the media about it if any.

The safest states to be in before the total and complete destruction of America are South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas (center to eastern parts of the states). And western parts of Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

I had a vision and I saw 90% of America being drowned by water, coming in all directions, everywhere. There was only a strip of land left and I believe it's the states I've listed. I'm not 100% sure but that's the closest I can remember from looking at a map of the USA to what I saw.

Everything else is gone. Canada is gone although parts of Alaska are left. Mexico is gone. Paraquay seems to become a safe haven for people who survive the coming devestation. In my dream/vision Paraquay and Brazil were ok.

This dream/vision affected me for days. I didn't even want to write about it but feel compelled to do so. Perhaps because so many have asked me where are the safest places to go to or where should they head to and perhaps that's why Yah showed me what is eventually coming to America. All I know is that it was the very end of "America" and it takes everyone by complete surprise. No one expects it or sees it coming. The Great Lakes dump their water on surrounding states, the Pacific, the Atlantic, almost every state is destroyed but 7.

It just makes me ache.

There will be no warning. The water will come upon people unexpectedly and as they see these huge Tsunami waves coming towards them there will be nothing they can do. These waves will crush everything in their path. And it won't just come from the east but the west and the north. To me it seems like it happens all at once and literally gives meaning to a literal "America being destroyed in one hour." America drowns.

I was shown the end of America. There is still much to happen here as far as misery, suffering, and death before it comes.

Yah bless His Warriors,

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