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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Iran Expects Maitreya Any Day...

I posted an article from Worldnet Daily at

Iran's preparing its people for the coming of their Mahdi, Jesus, and Lady Magdalene. The New Agers call her Lady Magda, the Bible refers to her as Mary Magdalene. Of course the Biblical account and New Age/Illuminati account of who she is/was are two separate stories.

You can see a picture of this beast trio that Iran declares is coming at

I've been warning for years about Maitreya and Jesus/Sananda. I really don't know what the signifcance of this Mary Magdalene is for Lucifer....other than the blasphemy that she's the wife of Jesus/Yahushuah, it has to have some deeper occultic meaning. Does she represent Lilith? Eve? Who and What??

She's always been a part of the New Age babble and you can read more about it at

Will Bush go to war with Iran to prevent/stop Maitreya from arriving? They know a lot more than what they're saying. As usual. And it usually has nothing to do with what they tell the public.

And he (Maitreya) knows I've been broadcasting his arrival for years...and Sananda/Jesus...they both are fully aware of being exposed when they arrive. So perhaps the plan is to take out the big mouths before they get here. Martial law or imprisonment in America for free speech? They've been working towards it. They don't know how else to shut us up when their assassination attempts and harassment doesn't work.

If Bush can't stop Maitreya's arrival the world is going to be plunged into an islamic war. It's more like the beast-Satan factions fighting it out right now over who gets to sit at the top of the sandbox (world government) Islam or Talmudic Zionism.

They're both Satan's religions so he doesn't care. Either one will fulfill his plan of a world government and reduced earth population of 5.5 billion or so.

Maitreya's arrival will come before an outright invasion of "aliens." Who will come first the chicken or the eggs...I don't think the chicken will survive..he's going to die eventually. A lot sooner than he thinks. And when the eggs pop I'll be laughing.

So much to little time.

Yah bless His Warriors

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