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Friday, February 02, 2007

Lilith the Queen of Heaven

Is Seattle gearing up for martial law?

I have heard from a resident there that military vehicles are driving up and down the highways between Seattle and Tacoma so the 'people can get used to seeing them.' There are several military bases in and around the Seattle area so why would the people need additional exposure to their presence there?

Seattle has long been an alien and demonic stronghold of the NWO. In fact, one of the most high tech hospitals in the country was built called Madigan hospital which is right off the highway and access to the members and families of those stationed on Fort Lewis. I have info on my files site about Madigan Hospital by those who have visited and were involved in building it how it is an Alien hospital and that there are many aliens who work there, people who 'aren't even human.'

And then Hollyweird comes out with "Greys Anatomy" about a hospital in Seattle. I've never seen the show, the name and similarities repulse me.

Someone sent me a book called "Fossilized Customs" (The Pagan Sources of Popular Customs) by Lew White. I started to flip through it and some info in it immediately grabbed my attention. There are alot of things in this book the Lord has told me and seeing someone else confirm it was refreshing. They have a website at

"Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across the truth. Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business as if nothing had happened" - Sir Winston Churchill.

I have been looking into the Bible Codes about this woman beast that is going to arrive with Maitreya and Jesus. It is no one else but the Queen of Heaven herself, Lilith. Lilith is the one being worshipped in the churches today as Mary, and in the secret societies as Mary Magdalene, Semiramis, etc..

Hebrew writings declare and indicate that there two creations of Genesis, one in chapter one and Adam and Eve in chapter two. That Lilith was Adam's first wife (chapter one) and that shortly after being created she rebelled against Adam and left him. She then began creating and having hundreds and even thousands of babies (hermaphrodite) that were born as what we would call or refer to as alien/demonic spirits. She is the queen of the abyss according to the Bible Codes and an accumulator who has accumulated her own army/armies as the mother and Queen of the Abyss (space). Lilith is immortal. According to Hebrew writings she never fell and received a cursed body as Adam and Eve did. She became the Queen of Heaven (1st and second heavens), I don't know if she became Lucifer's wife or not, but apparently he shares his 'kingdom' with her since she has created and given birth to most of the 'beings' in it. David mentions Lilith in his writings and Isaiah refers to her as a "screetching owl" in Isaiah 34:14. Is this the owl the secret societies are worshipping today such as at Bohemian Grove? Are they worshipping and paying homage to Lilith?

Easter is a pagan holiday worshipping Ishtar, the fertility goddess (thus the eggs that represent fertility) Sounds like "Lilith" to me....and Christians wear their new Sunday dresses to church on "Easter" to celebrate Lilith and then eat "Ham" a forbidden food to the Israelites. Do you see how crazy it all is? Most people just celebrate man's customs and traditions and never stop to ask themselves "why" or "what exactly are they?"

I will be resuming my radio show soon. It's almost been exactly a year since I stopped doing my radio show. I have been getting my main computer back up and running, getting past due debts paid off and getting what I need done or fixed or set up so I can get back on the air. I thank all of those who have been sending donations, tithes, and alms, and making this possible. May the Most High our Elohim bless all those who have blessed me.

Don't flood me with emails asking me about Lilith. Google her and do your own research on her. I may come out with an article on her soon but I'm already in the middle of one I started weeks ago. I don't have a lot of info on her, just what I've read in passing over the years, and another thing that comes to my mind is Mary K. Baxter who describes seeing a woman in hell with a sign over her 'room/area' which read "Queen of Heaven" in her book "Divine Revelation of Hell." I talked about Lilith before on one of my radio shows last year but I don't remember which one.

The freezing cold temperatures are getting me behind on orgone orders. Soon as it starts to warm up I'll be getting those out, right now it's first come first's simply been to cold to make orgone.

As I posted to my Orgone list yesterday......

"I am going to over 3 weeks behind in orders now because of the snow and ice and 20 degree and below weather.

It actually hit 30 today so I got a few pans made.

It would be a dream if someone would donate enough $ to the cause so that we could buy land, put a heated building on it and begin an "international headquarters" site for Orgone.

I know..I'm dreaming..but don't wake me up I get cranky thinking about all the useless eons of Christians in the world who talk a great talk but refuse to do anything for Yahweh.

In the book of Psalms Yah asks, "who will stand up for Me against My enemies?" and in the churches today millions of those who 'follow Him' proclaim "What are you going to do for me Lord? I want a job, I want a house, I want a wife, I want a husband" I want..I want..I all they ever have to say.

There are a few who will stand up for Yah and do as He asks, we Love You Yah."


An "International Headquarters" for Orgone would be awesome. An Orgone Factory. We could make orgone all day and every day and distribute it where it's needed no longer limited by weather and other constraints.

I've been canoeing in Arkansas and Kayaking in Texas to get orgone distributed where I can. I was shot at in Texas by a military helicopter and followed around in Arkansas by a UFO. Think they're getting mad? HAHAHA they're "L" losers...

I am planning for more road trips to target the beast prophets and need your financial support to do so.

Yah bless His Warriors,

Go Faction 4!

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